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Tainted luck by Cynthia Austin

Hey booklovers! Back with another Book review. Ok coming to the plot. Tainted Luck is more or less a short story with just 129 pages. Levi Kast is in high school who is living a pretty much decent life like any teenager. He has a crush on Stacy klien and is best friends with Ben.… Continue reading Tainted luck by Cynthia Austin

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Love, Simon

Hey booklovers! How's your weekend shaping up? I didn't do much reading though am looking forward to starting my next book. Am excited to share with you some of the books I have decided to read as part of the holiday season in my upcoming post and I sure hope you guys love them. Ok.… Continue reading Love, Simon

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Eliza and her Monsters #15

Hey Booklovers! Finally am done reading this book! Whew! I took a reallly looong time to read this book...months I guess. I almost gave up reading it but I was adamant to finish it. The story is so simple. Eliza mirk is a teenager who has an ordinary high school life with no friends and… Continue reading Eliza and her Monsters #15