The Woman in the Window #14

Hey Booklovers!

Finally I have finished reading this dump of a book. I am not usually so scathing in my review and believe me am not writing anything harsh as it may sound.

But rarely do I read a book where nothing is happening for the first 200 pages or so in a 427 page book. Am all for reading books with huge page counts. Especially if it’s good I like taking my time to finish it but this book was a slog fest.

Basically the book is about a woman who is suffering from agoraphobia. She stays put in her house and for extra entertainment watches her neighbours or specifically spies on them. From the beginning I had four theories going on in my mind as to what is going on in the book and I was more or less apt.

The woman is Dr. Anna fox, psychologist. She also counsels others suffering from the same online and basically her whole world is controlled online. After been stuck inside for 10 months, a new neighbour settles opposite her building. The Russell’s. They remind her of her own family. But of course nothing is as it seems. After all who can say what goes on in a family huh?

Anna fox is hands down the worst protagonist I have read about this whole year. Her backstory is definitely heartbreaking and made me teary eyed for sure but I find her dependance on alcohol beyond irritating. This is the third female protagonist, after TGOT and TWBU, who is facing hurdles in life as an alcoholic (that I have read). Whats with that? What’s with this pattern?

And the first half of the book is all about her time sitting in her home. Which is fine but I feel it could have have been given lesser attention and page count. This book could have been one fifty pages short in my opinion. I don’t know if the writer is doing this to show off her writing skills or what.

Coming to the plot, once the neighbours settle in, Anna sees something she shouldn’t have and is having a hard time convincing everyone about the truth. So did she really see it or was it hallucinations? Well you can read the book to find out.

Despite the negative start to my review, there are some pros to the book as well. I did find myself rooting for the character in the end despite half heartedly agreeing with the antagonist (which never happens). The writing is funny and heart-wrenching all at once. The character development is engaging and the book does hook you towards the last one fourth. Up to the reader to decide if it’s worth it.

Bibliogyan rating – Tests your patience. For thriller/suspense fans.


I have been wanting to listen to audiobooks for the longest time. But everytime I began to listen to one I would be distracted with something or the other. In all honesty I just don’t have the patience to listen when I can read the book much faster. Either ways I decided to listen to this one – The Wife Between Us (TWBU).

Written by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen, and read by Julia Whelan TBWU is a story about an ex wife, Vanessa, her ex husband Richard and his new fiance. Vanessa wants to stop her ex husband getting married again at any cost.

Just like the synopsis we would assume its a jealous ex wife wanting to stop her ex getting married but just like in the synopsis Assume nothing.

In the beginning I was irritated with Vanessa. I wanted her to get a life and move on but once the first twist is revealed everything else slowly falls in place.

The book is written like a maze where the author reveals nothing in the beginning but brings it all together in the narrative as it goes on.

I found the audiobook narrator Julia to be very entertaining for sure. Her performance of various characters was spot on except for Richard. I didn’t like her way of sounding male characters. It gave no connection to the character itself. Anyhow, she was a joy to listen to otherwise.

The book is definitely worth reading/listening to for it knows everything we might assume but is nothing like it at all. But I have to say I have read enough and more books so I know where things become predictable. This one was definitely harder to predict but I knew some parts were going to be the way I imagined them.

Vanessa maybe a slow character in the beginning but once you understand her the story propels forward quickly though there are many scenes that may not have been necessary, I felt it was a tad bit dragging at places.

It felt more thrilling than a suspense but it definitely exceeded expectations. I was a bit hesitant in case it was all hype and nothing else and I can see how some may feel duped especially since a lot of the book is told by way of backstory. So only read if you have patience.

Bibliogyan rating – A good friday night read.

Pines #11

Hey Booklovers. Am going to review the book Pines by Blake Crouch from the trilogy of Wayward Pine series.

Seldom do I come across a book that I both dislike and get hooked into at the same time. Either I like it or I don’t. The story is about a secret service agent Ethan Burke. He is in Wayward Pines to investigate a missing persons case – two in fact. What happens when he reaches there and how he finds everyone in pines forms the rest of the story. It seems something sinister is going on underneath the facade of this perfect town. Yet he cannot put his finger on it. Worst still, is that he doesn’t remember much having woken up from an accident a couple days before.

I kept thinking about a shutter island kind of twist to this story which in hindsight would have been better but the story when it did reveal itself I found it way too far fetched.

The writing is of course brilliant. The author hooks you in from page one but once I finished the book I had more questions than the answers given at the end. Basically I wasn’t satisfied with the reveal. Not entirely. It kinda fit for the way the author wrote the story line but could have been so much more.

The author also gives a specific backstory for the protagonist whereby he serves in the afghan war and has seen horrors beyond measure as well as endure it. I found that a bit distracting but not annoying.

I haven’t watched the TV series based on this and dunno if I would. It’s got that weird 50s vibe going on and the author acknowledges his inspiration for the same. You can also compare it with the Truman show and Plesantville, I guess. Also I can assure you I won’t be reading the other two books in the series. I found it perfectly satisfactory as an end to Ethan Burkes story and don’t have the appetite to entertain another.

Bibliogyan Rating – A quick read on a lazy day.

Stillhouse Lake #5

Let me start by saying this is one of the best books I have read in thrillers/suspense so far. In fact I could have finished the book in few hours, it was that enthralling except I didn’t want to end it so soon and so I took my sweet time to finish it.

The story is about the other side of fiction which we never think about and that’s what attracted me to this book. What happens to the loved ones of criminals? Do they exist? If so what happens to them?

It may seem very obvious that people related to criminals should have known they were deviants but what if they genuinely didn’t? This is one such story.

We meet Gina Royal in the beginning of the book along with her two kids Lily and Brady. But their world collapses pretty soon and we are introduced to how they have survived from there on.

As parents how do you protect the one thing that matters to you most? Your kids. I loved how she reinvented herself and yet was still vulnerable. Her determination to protect her kids despite all the hurdles including typical teenage problems was inspiring, to say the least.

The writing is crisp and characters drawn out neatly. You root for this one from the get go. The only thing that nagged me though very quietly was how she convinced herself of someone’s loyalty. Not giving away anything but maybe that’s something you will understand once you read the book.


Am reminded of the movie “Enough” starring Jennifer Lopez which shares similar leading ladies. Yet the book packs a punch of its own.

But the thing other than sharing similar protagonists is the question – how long will you run? When will you face your fear and stand your ground? Will you fight one last time so you never have to fight again? That’s what faces our leading lady here. What’s endearing is her love for her kids which oozes out from her every being. Like they are the only reason she’s alive.

Despite the creepy tone of the story the central characters makes this a must read book and hence I highly recommend it. Also a bonus is that the it ends in a cliffhanger and is followed by Killman Creek.

Bibliogyan rating – two πŸ‘