18 Best Book Adaptations You Can Watch Right Now On Netflix

Hey BookLovers! I bring to you 18 book adaptation that you can watch on Netflix right now. Many of them I have watched myself and you can check out there review on my site here. Many am looking forward to watching myself. Enjoy! To All The Boys I have Loved Before What: Teenager managing her… Continue reading 18 Best Book Adaptations You Can Watch Right Now On Netflix

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The PlagueBorne Series by Mitchell Luthi

Hey booklovers!   Time for another review! By the way aren't they beautiful? I think the covers are really pretty. Very Creative too. Anyhoo coming to the plot. Katarina Von Lorenz is the daughter of an important councillor in Rothenberg. The Ritual is a short prelude to the bigger picture in The Zealot and gives… Continue reading The PlagueBorne Series by Mitchell Luthi


Happy New Year! #newgoals #newchallenges #booktag

Hey booklovers!! Welcome to another new year. It's amazing how quickly one year went by. I remember planning the Goodreads Challenge in December 2017 and here we are in 2019. Surprisingly I read a good amount of books that I wasn't even sure I will read to begin with. All this cannot have been accomplished… Continue reading Happy New Year! #newgoals #newchallenges #booktag

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2018’s Top 5 Book to Movie/Series Adaptation

The Alienist I don't remember how I came across this show except some trailer here and there but what made me want to watch it despite the gloomy atmosphere they projected was that it had three extremely well known actors, Daniel Bruhl, Luke Evans and Dakota Fanning of whom I was most eager to see… Continue reading 2018’s Top 5 Book to Movie/Series Adaptation

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The Ascendance Trilogy #19

Hey Booklovers! November is coming to an end! Seriously where did the year go?? Well the good news is that I finally finished a series I took two years to read. Ridiculous right? I mean I finished the first two pretty quickly but somewhere along there I lost interest and no matter what I just… Continue reading The Ascendance Trilogy #19