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Kaffeinated Conversations

Hey Booklovers! This is a weekly feature I have decided to start this year. It will include the books I read in the past week and my thoughts on current book trends and topics (including movies/series based on books) and the books I want to read. I also want to talk about what other book… Continue reading Kaffeinated Conversations

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5 Tips To Get Over A Book Slump

  Hey Booklovers! Since we have reached the end of this month I thought of sharing some tips that helped me get over a book slump that had gripped me for a good chunk of February. Though I felt guilty for not reading the first three weeks I seriously enjoyed my break. For once it… Continue reading 5 Tips To Get Over A Book Slump

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Top 10 Books of 2018

Hey Booklovers! So this is it! We have finally reached the end of the year (including the end of my GoodReads challenge) and these are the top 10 books I have read this year. Its not a great number of books (20+) that I had decided to read, I know, but that doesn't mean the… Continue reading Top 10 Books of 2018

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How The GoodReads Challenge Revived My Love For Books!

Hey Booklovers! I HAD TO REPOST THIS SINCE IT WAS MISSING FROM PUBLISHED POSTS NOR WAS IT SEEN ON MY BLOG.  I have been wanting to write on various topics other than just book reviews from the beginning but never got around to doing it. But now that the year is coming to an end… Continue reading How The GoodReads Challenge Revived My Love For Books!

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The Outsider #17

Hey booklovers!! Am back with another book review. Am so excited to share this cause the book am reviewing is by none other than Stephen King. Admittedly this is my first king book, though I have seen quite a few movies based on his books. I never realised I could actually like his work since… Continue reading The Outsider #17

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Secrets Between Us by Valerie Keogh

Hey booklovers!! Am back with another book review. Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for giving me this reader copy. I find myself reading a lot of thrillers and maybe that is my specialty genre. But sometimes I do need to lighten up and read other genres too and am looking forward to the next one… Continue reading Secrets Between Us by Valerie Keogh

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The Promise by Teresa Driscoll

Hey booklovers! Am so excited to share with you this review after receiving an advanced copy (Thomas & Mercer) from NetGalley! Yay! I had reviewed another book by Teresa Driscoll on my blog this year - I am Watching You . A genuinely surprising thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed. So I figured it would be… Continue reading The Promise by Teresa Driscoll