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TH1RT3EN By Steve Cavanagh

Hey BookLovers! Hello June! I know its been quiet a few days since I have been active and well I have been sick and my son too so had to take a break. I managed to read around 3-4 books but I couldn't bring myself to review them. But yesterday I felt I could start… Continue reading TH1RT3EN By Steve Cavanagh

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The Fire Witness by Lars Kepler| Book Review| Joona Linna Series|

Hey BookLovers! Am back with one of my favourite crime fiction writer duo - Lars Kepler. I have been following the Jonna Linna series since the end of last year and this is the third book in this series. Here's my take on it. The book starts with introducing us to a youth home in… Continue reading The Fire Witness by Lars Kepler| Book Review| Joona Linna Series|

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10 Binge-Worthy Books for Thriller Fans!

Hey BookLovers! I have been compiling a list of books in the last few weeks that I think are Binge-worthy. Just like you can't get enough of watching one episode from your favourite shows, these are books from the thriller genre (duh) that I think you cannot stop reading in few pages. You might as… Continue reading 10 Binge-Worthy Books for Thriller Fans!

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Kaffeinated Conversations

Hey BookLovers! This is a weekly feature I have decided to start this year. It will include the books I read in the past week and my thoughts on current book trends and topics (including movies/series based on books) and the books I want to read. I also want to talk about what other book… Continue reading Kaffeinated Conversations



  Thank you to Sara at The Bibliophagist for tagging me in this one! ❤ THE RULES: Thank the person who nominated you Answer all the questions down below Pingback to the creator: Ellyn @ Allonsythornraxx Nominate 5+ bloggers you’d like to know more about, to do this tag   1. WHY DID YOU START BLOGGING & WHY… Continue reading THE “BEHIND THE BLOGGER” BOOK TAG

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The Girl From The Sea By Shalini Boland|Book Review|

Hey Booklovers! Once again I am back with an author whose last book I had enjoyed immensely. I am of course talking about Shalini Boland's The Perfect Family. It was one of the best books I read last year and is officially part of Bibliogyan's recommendation. So naturally I wanted to read her other books… Continue reading The Girl From The Sea By Shalini Boland|Book Review|

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The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert|Book Review|

Hey booklovers! I finally managed to read a book other than my staple reads - thriller. Its absolutely crazy how you can get addicted to them with its fast pace and suspense and the reveal just around the corner. Trying to figure out whats going on can be addictive. So am absolutely thrilled (pun intended)… Continue reading The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert|Book Review|