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The Wife’s Secret by Kerry Wilkinson

Hey Booklovers! We are back to a new year and new beginnings. I hope you had a great 2018. It went by a flash for me. But it's been a good one. Coming to the review. The Wife's Secret is one book I had been wanting to read the moment I had read the blurb.… Continue reading The Wife’s Secret by Kerry Wilkinson


Happy New Year! #newgoals #newchallenges #booktag

Hey booklovers!! Welcome to another new year. It's amazing how quickly one year went by. I remember planning the Goodreads Challenge in December 2017 and here we are in 2019. Surprisingly I read a good amount of books that I wasn't even sure I will read to begin with. All this cannot have been accomplished… Continue reading Happy New Year! #newgoals #newchallenges #booktag

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5 Awesome Books To Cozy Up For Christmas!

Hey Booklovers! Its that time of the year again where everything feels merry and cozy. Where you scramble to buy gifts and start decorating and where theres no guilt in indulging in lots of hot cocoa and plum cakes. Haha. Am not guilty of all these but I do like indulging here and there. I… Continue reading 5 Awesome Books To Cozy Up For Christmas!

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Artemis #18

Hey booklovers! The weekend is here and I hope you are cozying up with lots of books! So after a considerably long time I was finally able to finish this book. Ta da! The plot is pretty simple. Jasmine Bashara (Jazz for short) is a citizen of the only city on moon - Artemis. She… Continue reading Artemis #18

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Love You Gone by Rona Halsall

Hey booklovers! I have to say it's a relief when I finish a book. Any book. Cause sometimes I feel like I just can't read anymore. Does that ever happen to you? And the weirdest part is I try to read more so I don't lose that feeling of wanting to read. And it doesn't… Continue reading Love You Gone by Rona Halsall

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The Perfect Family by Shalini Boland

Hey Booklovers! Happy Halloween! This is my final review for October 2018. Wow. What an year its been and I cant stop smiling thinking about all the good books I got to read this year including this one - The Perfect Family by Shalini Boland. Frankly am surprised theres no noise been made over this… Continue reading The Perfect Family by Shalini Boland

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Secrets Between Us by Valerie Keogh

Hey booklovers!! Am back with another book review. Thanks to NetGalley and Bookouture for giving me this reader copy. I find myself reading a lot of thrillers and maybe that is my specialty genre. But sometimes I do need to lighten up and read other genres too and am looking forward to the next one… Continue reading Secrets Between Us by Valerie Keogh