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Adventures in Amarant by J.D Bowens| Book Review|

Hey BookLovers! I am back with another YA fantasy review. This time I am reviewing a book by a new author who had sent me a review copy of the same few weeks back. The book consists of three short stories set in the magical world of Amarant and is only fifty one pages and… Continue reading Adventures in Amarant by J.D Bowens| Book Review|

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The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert|Book Review|

Hey booklovers! I finally managed to read a book other than my staple reads - thriller. Its absolutely crazy how you can get addicted to them with its fast pace and suspense and the reveal just around the corner. Trying to figure out whats going on can be addictive. So am absolutely thrilled (pun intended)… Continue reading The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert|Book Review|

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One Of Us is Lying by Karen McManus|Book Review|

Hey bookLovers! I started reading this last month but had to keep it aside as it just wasn't holding my interest. I knew I would finish it though as the blurb looked interesting and it did get good reviews. Its also part of my PopSugar Reading challenge too. Though am no fan of YA books… Continue reading One Of Us is Lying by Karen McManus|Book Review|

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Tainted luck by Cynthia Austin

Hey booklovers! Back with another Book review. Ok coming to the plot. Tainted Luck is more or less a short story with just 129 pages. Levi Kast is in high school who is living a pretty much decent life like any teenager. He has a crush on Stacy klien and is best friends with Ben.… Continue reading Tainted luck by Cynthia Austin

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Love, Simon

Hey booklovers! How's your weekend shaping up? I didn't do much reading though am looking forward to starting my next book. Am excited to share with you some of the books I have decided to read as part of the holiday season in my upcoming post and I sure hope you guys love them. Ok.… Continue reading Love, Simon

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Crazy Rich Asians – Movie

Hey booklovers! Its been a while I have reviewed a movie and thats usually because I want to review only books adapted to movie/series. One such movie is Crazy Rich Asians based on the novel of the same name. I had seen the trailer long ago and just like 'To all the boys I have… Continue reading Crazy Rich Asians – Movie

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Eliza and her Monsters #15

Hey Booklovers! Finally am done reading this book! Whew! I took a reallly looong time to read this book...months I guess. I almost gave up reading it but I was adamant to finish it. The story is so simple. Eliza mirk is a teenager who has an ordinary high school life with no friends and… Continue reading Eliza and her Monsters #15