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The Nightmare by #LarsKepler #Joonalinna #series

Hey Booklovers! I still can't believe we are reaching the end of February. This month has been really weird for me. I feel like I have been stuck in a limbo with no possibility of reading anytime soon. But I finally broke away from it yesterday and read my first book of this month. I… Continue reading The Nightmare by #LarsKepler #Joonalinna #series

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You #Series #Netflix

Hey Booklovers! Hola February. I hope you have a great bookish month and also I have quiet a few books on my list to finish this month. Anyhoo I finally finished watching YOU last month. Yes, I took a whole month to finish the series which is just 10 episodes.Β  But first the plot. Joe… Continue reading You #Series #Netflix

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Closer Than You Think by #DarrenO’Sullivan

Hey Booklovers It had been quiet some time since I requested a book for review on NetGalley and I was recently approved for this one. I was in a mood to read a quick thriller (which am always in) and when I read the blurb it captured my attention. A serial killer who after ten… Continue reading Closer Than You Think by #DarrenO’Sullivan

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The Cabin At The End Of The World by #PaulTremblay #Bookreview

Hey Booklovers, I have been on a reading spree of sort and every once in a while I will stumble on a book that looks interesting from the blurb but falls flat on the face once read. One such book is this. So, Wen is an eight year old girl who isΒ vacationing at a remote… Continue reading The Cabin At The End Of The World by #PaulTremblay #Bookreview

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Verity by #ColleenHoover #Bookreview

Hey Booklovers! So I had a surprise reading two days back. I wasn't expecting to read it anytime soon but I was in a mood to read something different and I had my eyes on this book from the time Ludwig's thriller had reviewed this. Coming to the review. Lowan Ashleigh is a writer, but… Continue reading Verity by #ColleenHoover #Bookreview

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Jurassic Park #20

Hey booklovers! It's just few days remaining for Christmas and there's still so much to read! How's your TBR getting on? Am planning a short Christmas break. So hopefully this will rejuvenate my laziness. I still have around four posts to publish before I can stop obsessing over my blog. What are your plans for… Continue reading Jurassic Park #20

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Artemis #18

Hey booklovers! The weekend is here and I hope you are cozying up with lots of books! So after a considerably long time I was finally able to finish this book. Ta da! The plot is pretty simple. Jasmine Bashara (Jazz for short) is a citizen of the only city on moon - Artemis. She… Continue reading Artemis #18