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The Passenger by Lisa Lutz|Book Review|

Hey Booklovers! I stumbled upon this book as I was searching for reading something different in thriller. As much as I love reading it, I have come to see a pattern in these psychological thriller and I just had to read something that wasn't so formulaic. So the blurb of The Passenger looked good and… Continue reading The Passenger by Lisa Lutz|Book Review|

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The Lingering by SJI Holliday| Book Review|

Hey Booklovers! So I was finally able to read this book I had my eye on since towards the end of last year. When I read the blurb I was highly interested. It seemed like a horror thriller which I rarely read yet it somehow felt different. Not to mention the cover, which further piqued… Continue reading The Lingering by SJI Holliday| Book Review|

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Deadly Secrets By Robert Bryndza

Hey booklovers! So I have been on a book slump for a few days. Since my Goodreads challenge is almost over (just one more book!) am finding it a bit confusing as to what to read next. So I decided to make a list of books to read and am once again stocked up. Though… Continue reading Deadly Secrets By Robert Bryndza

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The Woman in the Window #14

Hey Booklovers! Finally I have finished reading this dump of a book. I am not usually so scathing in my review and believe me am not writing anything harsh as it may sound. But rarely do I read a book where nothing is happening for the first 200 pages or so in a 427 page… Continue reading The Woman in the Window #14

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The Alienist

Hey Booklovers! August is almost over and am wrapping up this month with my review on The Alienist. How has your month been so far? Based on the book of the same name written by Celeb Carr and featuring an excellent screenplay, The Alienist starring Daniel Bruhl, Dakota Fanning and Luke Evans is a historical… Continue reading The Alienist

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I am Watching You #13

Hey Booklovers! So I finished reading this book - I am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll despite not having it on my TBR list! I happened to come across this book while I was browsing for other books in the library. The book cover and the synopsis had me interested and once I started reading… Continue reading I am Watching You #13