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The Bardess of Rhulon by Verna McKinnon

Hey Booklovers! I am back with another review. I must say February is filled with all the books I received last month for reviews. Heres my take on The Bardess of Rhulon. The story starts with Rose Greenleaf, a dwarf who lives in Stone heaven in Rhulon. She desires to be a Bard except the… Continue reading The Bardess of Rhulon by Verna McKinnon

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Thieves Honor by #DavidCombs #Bookreview

Hey Booklovers Accepting books for reviews from unknown authors is always a gamble. You never know if you will like the book and is burdened with the task of having to review it. But sometimes you truly enjoy the book and want to make efforts to showcase it as much as you are able. One… Continue reading Thieves Honor by #DavidCombs #Bookreview

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The Ascendance Trilogy #19

Hey Booklovers! November is coming to an end! Seriously where did the year go?? Well the good news is that I finally finished a series I took two years to read. Ridiculous right? I mean I finished the first two pretty quickly but somewhere along there I lost interest and no matter what I just… Continue reading The Ascendance Trilogy #19

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Athena’s Champion by David Hair, Cath Mayo #OlympusTrilogy1

Hey booklovers! I love books that are grand and have a heavy world building and there's nothing better than the master of it all - the Greek mythology. I remember the first time I heard stories based on it - the famous Labours of Hercules. It was my uncle who narrated it to me as… Continue reading Athena’s Champion by David Hair, Cath Mayo #OlympusTrilogy1