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The Nightmare by #LarsKepler #Joonalinna #series

Hey Booklovers! I still can't believe we are reaching the end of February. This month has been really weird for me. I feel like I have been stuck in a limbo with no possibility of reading anytime soon. But I finally broke away from it yesterday and read my first book of this month. I… Continue reading The Nightmare by #LarsKepler #Joonalinna #series

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The PlagueBorne Series by Mitchell Luthi

Hey booklovers!   Time for another review! By the way aren't they beautiful? I think the covers are really pretty. Very Creative too. Anyhoo coming to the plot. Katarina Von Lorenz is the daughter of an important councillor in Rothenberg. The Ritual is a short prelude to the bigger picture in The Zealot and gives… Continue reading The PlagueBorne Series by Mitchell Luthi

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The Last Caliph by T.L Williams #bookreview

Hey booklovers! As I continue my spree on book reviews here's another one. (Cover yet to be Updated) Logan Alexander is a covert CIA agent (former Navy SEAL) who also owns a Maritime consulting business. This is the fourth book in the Logan Alexander series and we start the story in Hong kong where Logan… Continue reading The Last Caliph by T.L Williams #bookreview

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Tainted luck by Cynthia Austin

Hey booklovers! Back with another Book review. Ok coming to the plot. Tainted Luck is more or less a short story with just 129 pages. Levi Kast is in high school who is living a pretty much decent life like any teenager. He has a crush on Stacy klien and is best friends with Ben.… Continue reading Tainted luck by Cynthia Austin

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The Bardess of Rhulon by Verna McKinnon

Hey Booklovers! I am back with another review. I must say February is filled with all the books I received last month for reviews. Heres my take on The Bardess of Rhulon. The story starts with Rose Greenleaf, a dwarf who lives in Stone heaven in Rhulon. She desires to be a Bard except the… Continue reading The Bardess of Rhulon by Verna McKinnon

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The Field by Tracy Richardson

Hey booklovers! I recently finished this book (review copy) and here's my take on it. The plot revolves around a high school student Eric Horton of the Monroe High school. He is on the soccer team as the goal keeper. The story starts with Eric been selected for the Varsity Team and becoming friends with… Continue reading The Field by Tracy Richardson

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There Will Be Hell to Pay by Benjamin Gilad

Hey Booklovers! February is here and I am still in between quiet a few review copies. Hopefully I can have leisure reading sorted out by the end of next week. I received this copy from the author for a review and here's my take on it. The story starts with Jack Merriman and the time… Continue reading There Will Be Hell to Pay by Benjamin Gilad