Bibliogyan Recommends

Am strictly of the opinion that no matter what reviews are available for a book, one should always decide to read it based on their instincts. The reviews I post on my site are definitely to help you choose books more comfortably but there are certain books I feel I must recommend for they must definitely be read. Rest assured, I wont be recommending books just because its “cool”, “in trend” or because someone famous recommends it. I look at three criteria to recommend books:

  1. The writing
  2. The plot
  3. That ‘feeling’ it evokes in me.

Rarely does all the above mentioned criteria come together, at least in my experience. Either the writing is fantastic but the plot or plot structure ruins it. Sometimes they both might work but it doesn’t do anything to me, emotionally or mentally. But when they all do come together, its like that scene from Ratatouille movie – the combination of flavours just burst in your mouth – or more specifically here, in your mind or brain or even the heart.

pile of books

The reason I decided to even recommend books which, I refrained from doing last year is because I was just getting the hang of reading again, but there were many books I ended up reading based on rave reviews. And believe me, the books I read purely based on reviews are the ones I disliked. How strange huh. Of course, there is no reason to read books only based on my recommendations, but I like to believe that as the book I thoroughly enjoyed and loved, I want to voice that opinion more strongly – hence the recommendations.

I definitely want to hear your thoughts on the books I recommend for it would give me immense joy that the books I loved are shared by you too.