Welcome to Bibliogyan.

A blog where I review Books, books adapted to movies, tv shows including streaming and features. Please feel free to recommend whatever topics you want me to blog about.

If you follow my blog you might notice I don’t “rate” any books. I don’t have a scaling system as such. I base my rating on what I found worth highlighting about the book. Also I do rate them on Goodreads (check below) and mostly any bibliophile will follow that to pick up a book, myself included. I feel every writer, tv show or movie should be given a chance to be read/seen by those interested and not let someones subjective view of the product hinder it – no two person likes the same thing after all.

Some facts:

  • My favourite genre is Thriller, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Crime fiction, and Romance.
  • The purpose of this blog is to catalogue my books and my thoughts on it. To maintain my reading habit as well as writing.
  • Bibliogyan, if you must know, means “wisdom of books”.
  • Am an aspiring author, but am blown away by every book I read. I still have so much to learn.
  • I love Hardcover books, cold coffee and ‘bookish’ photography


  1. What kind of books do you accept for review?

My favourite genre include:

  • Sci-fi,
  • Fantasy,
  • Contemporary,
  • Thriller/suspense,
  • Romance,
  • YA,
  • Crime fiction,
  • Legal thrillers etc..

2. What about e-books and audiobooks?
I prefer paper review copies, but I am willing to consider e-books (Epub format) for review. Audiobooks maybe Accepted.

3. Others:

  • There is no guarantee I will review your book if I don’t like the blurb.
  • Arc Reviews maybe considered depending on the blurb.
  • Reviews will be posted 15 days (Max) after receiving the copy.
  • Self – Published books will be reviewed only if I like the blurb. Its best if you just sent me a sample ( 2 chapters maybe?) at first so I can decide whether its interesting.
  • For any other query please email me : bibliogyan@gmail.com

My GoodReads Ratings:

1 StarI am sorry I read this

2 StarHas potential, May give another shot.

3 StarNeither here nor there (Worth a read)

4 StarAwesome (Must read)

5 StarGrab your Copy and start reading now!