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The Whisper Man by Alex North|Book Review|Thriller|

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twmAnother review. This is the only thriller I read after a while as part of a bookclub read for October special and I really enjoyed it.

Tom, a writer and his son Jake have suffered the appalling loss of their wife and mother, Rebecca. Jake is showing great signs of distress, especially as he found his mother dead at home, so Tom decides they need a fresh start and at Jake’s prompting, chooses a curious and some might say scary house in Featherbank. But as they arrive, a boy is kidnapped, bringing back memories in the community of the child abductions and murders carried out 20 years previously by The Whisper Man.

Twenty years ago a serial killer nicknamed The Whisper Man abducted and murdered five young boys, luring them out by whispering at their windows. But the culprit, Frank Carter, was found and imprisoned but now a young boy has gone missing; did Frank always have an accomplice like the rumours suggested or is there a copycat on the loose?

This is a multi layered book which is a proper edge of your seat thriller. Alex North pulls all the strands together at the end, and I was desperate to get there to see how he did it. Really nicely done and a strong plot and characterisation.  I loved the father son angle to this story in every way and I was also a bit frustrated with them which shows good writing. It almost feels like a sequel even though its a debut novel as characters have so much past baggage and it gels brilliantly with the present. This book can totally get under your skin with creepy dialogs and scenes and is not a run of the mill thriller. 


Pros: Narration, Storyline, fast paced

Cons: predictable

Bibliogyan Verdict: A brilliant debut novel that has enough of the thrills.


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