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Spin The Dawn by Elizabeth Lim|Book Review|YA Fantasy|

Hey BookLovers!

70809910_163351394784382_378924274284392790_nI am back after a really long time with a book that finally took me out of a book slump. I didn’t read much for the better part of August and September except few chapters of some books on my TBR. Yet When I started this one I was on a roll. I just couldn’t stop reading. By the end of July I had updated that I am taking a break from Thrillers as I needed some time off them. I have been reading few fantasies here and there and this has become my new favourite. Too bad I have to wait for the sequel!

Spin the Dawnย is the story of Maia, a girl who dreams of becoming the imperial tailor. In a land where only men are celebrated as tailors, she takes the place of her brother and disguises herself as a man to partake in a contest that strives to select the next imperial tailor. As she faces each challenge, she is made to embark on a magical quest and falls in love with the most infuriating yet caring boy she has ever met.

The story is so rooted in Maiaโ€™s ambition, and I loved that. She never steers away from what she wants, and even when some of her illusions and dreams shatter as she learns more about the enchanting world she is a part of, the spirit of her ambition never fades. I loved how hardworking she was, and how the book took the time to describe her work process. The Quest themselves was so exciting and new that it made the whole reading experience like an adventure. The book flows from one chapter to the next without any breaks or unnecessary addition. Every scene serves a purpose to What Maia wants and is trying to achieve and the chemistry between her and Edan is exciting and yet grounded. Their banter is what makes this a swift read and I could not get enough of it. The supporting characters have enough mystery to make us curious and want to know more which I cannot wait to do in the sequel.


Pros: Fluid, Character driven, Settings and Storyline

Cons: Minor inconsistencies

Bibliogyan Verdict: What are you waiting for? Go read it.


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