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A Curse So Dark and Lonely by Brigid Kemmerer|The Binding by Bridget Collins|Book Reviews|

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Before the month of August is over I wanted to post the reviews of the only two books I managed to finish reading this month. In terms of reading it hasn’t been great as you can see with the no updates. I am still trying to read Truly Devious and might finish it before month ends. Am also reading the Priory of the Orange Tree which will no doubt take quiet some time to finish as its 800 pages and I have so far finished seventy eight. Without further ado, lets get on with the reviews.

One of my favourite childhood classics is The Beauty and The Beast. Something about their story has survived the test of time and continues to be retold in every generation multiple times and I cannot get enough of it.


The book is a modern re-interpretation of the tale as old as time and begins with Prince of Emberfall, Rhen finishing his last season trying to find true love and has yet again failed. While Harper Lacy, living in DC is suffering from cerebral palsy and has taken a break from school while helping out her brother to get them out of financial trouble with their father missing and a dying mother. Life has never been easy for either of them when a chance encounter with a stranger leads Harper to the world of magic, love and adventure. But is it going to be so easy for them to find love in one another?Ā 


Been a fan of the story, I feel a natural affinity towards the character. The chemistry between the leads seem preordained and the magic is just enough to make it larger than life. The supporting characters are not much to write about except Grey, Rhen’s Commander of Guards. I was surprised the ending was left at a cliffhanger and only then knew its sequel is on the way titled A heart so fierce and broken making it part of a trilogy. Read it if you love fairytales.


I received both The Binding and A Curse so Dark and Lonely in subscription boxes and hence decided to make this my next read. The book is divided into three parts.

It starts off with Emmett Farmer’s present, where he is recovering from a sickness and has no memory of almost an year. He is suddenly summoned by a book binder to be her apprentice. Reading books is forbidden from where he comes and so naturally he doesn’t want to work for one. But his parents insist and work for her he does. That’s when he learns that his work personally involves binding memories of people who wishes to forget certain time or parts in their lives. That he himself is a binder. As time passes he learns of a book with his own name. What is in it? What will happen if he reads it? What did he wish to forget?Ā 


The prose is beautiful and the characters are written with care. But its lengthy and drawn out and I honestly found it boring. But the romance between the lovers is versatile and gentle though I feel under-utilised. Its an unknown time period though its historical with a bit of magic thrown in. Its definitely not a genre that I would voluntarily pick and read but it has its own pros.Ā 



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