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The President is Missing by James Patterson & Bill Clinton| Book Review|

Hey Booklovers!

July is fast becoming a month of disappointing reads and this one is no better. In fact I enjoyed this the least. Here goes.

tpm.jpgThe president (Jonathan Duncan) discovers a major threat that can jeopardise America, along with the rest of the world, and is faced with making the most arduous decisions of his administration. Enemies are planning an attack of unprecedented scale on USA. A terrorist named Suliman Cindoruk is about to bring America to its knees by activating a virus which will infect the Internet and every computer system in the nation, from banks to missile launchers. There are whispers of espionage including a traitor in the cabinet all leading to The President himself becoming a suspect, and who then goes missing…

From the beginning I found the book to be bland. Admittedly this is my first James Patterson book and am not thrilled. The first hundred pages is all about the Presidential hearing where there is a cat and mouse chase between President Duncan and Speaker Lester. It kinda gives the same vibe when Clinton was under fire in his second term and was been impeached. Either ways its long and boring – to the point that I have stopped caring. In a span of five days, Duncan has to save the country from a deadly cyber-terrorist attack, find out the mole in White House and testify in court – while dodging the assassination attempts of a notorious, Bach-loving murderer. Oh, and he’s also battling with a rare blood disorder, NBD. All this is said in a way that takes the longer route to be established, hence the dissatisfaction. While I was looking forward to reading an insight into the presidential affairs, it looked more technical and less exciting.


Pros: Political insight, writing, storyline

Cons: Characterisation, pace

Bibliogyan Verdict: For fans of Political Thrillers.


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6 thoughts on “The President is Missing by James Patterson & Bill Clinton| Book Review|

  1. I love political thrillers and this one has had my eye for some time. I even checked it out from the library and never opened it. I really want to give it a chance, but it is not going to be an immediate read. Thanks for the review! I hope your August turns out much better.

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