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The Perfect Girlfriend by Karen Hamilton|Book Review|

Hey BookLovers!

This is the third book I read this month. Though its been a week I finished, I couldn’t get the time to write a review. Here goes!

tpg.jpgJuliette is obsessed with her ex boyfriend Nate, a pilot. She decides to work in the same background as Nate and becomes an Air-hostess. She has a tragic background that could have led to her need to control everything, yet she is willing to give Nate space – which is what he asked for when they took a break. Except for Juliette she will do anything for them to get back together. Even if it means stalking him 24/7. After all, she is the perfect girlfriend.


The perfect girlfriend is not a book I could dig into easily. I started it few months back but had to stop within few chapters as I felt bored. This time though I tried to keep up my interest and kept hoping it was going to get better. Alas. No such luck. The moment the main character drugs her love interest and wakes up behaving everything is normal, I was embarrassed for her to even continue reading. It felt as if I was witnessing first hand someone going through an embarrassing moment except Juliette/Elizabeth has no qualms about what she has done and continues on her fantasy. The whole book is what’s happening inside her head. Her infatuation and obsession with Nate and his sister Bella. Its almost normal for the first half of the book and am really rooting for her as we all wish to take revenge on the person who has scorned us. At least it’s a popular fantasy. I almost thought everything will work out except by the second half we know this isn’t going anywhere and you want Juliette to move forward but she is obsessed and its too much to read beyond a point. Some pages I skipped so I have no idea why she had an affair with Bella’s fiance – Miles. The end was very ambiguous and so are my feelings for this book. I wished it was better than what it is. But no such luck.


Pros: Characterisation, writing

Cons: setting, boring

Bibliogyan Verdict: Be ready to spend a good chunk of time inside an unstable mind.



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