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Sleep By C.L. Taylor|Book Review|

Hey BookLovers!

Sleep was one of the most anticipated book I was hoping to read as the blurb looked so good. 7 people, 7 days and one killer. How will you sleep? Go on, read the review.

sleep.jpgAnna has just survived an accident. One that killed two of her colleagues and crippled another. Her guilt at causing it is so much that it slowly eats her away, not letting her sleep. Though the real culprit  – a lorry driver is behind bars, Anna is yet to forgive herself. So she quits her old job, breaks of her relationship and decides to go to Rum, Scotland and work in the hospitality department. A receptionist cum assistant at a small hotel – Bay View, in a place with less thirty five residents. Soon guests arrive, each with their own problems and secrets. Except one of them is harbouring a secret related to Anna & the accident. 

Sleep is a torturous read at best and a waste of time at the worst. Thankfully I managed to finish this within two sittings. There were so many ways this could have gone better as it has a good plot. In many ways this could have been a really good read and I so wanted it to be. The book starts with the accident and the court case leading to the lorry drivers conviction. Later on Anna cant sleep as the guilt eats at her. All this could have been said in flashback while she worked at the hotel. Yet first one-fourth of the book is dedicated to this part alone. Once she starts work at Bay View, guests take their own sweet time to reveal themselves which is really a slow burner. It had such a ‘christie’ vibe to it mixed with that movie Identity – strangers alone in a motel and nowhere to go and no one to trust and killed one by one. But the author does not make use of any of these suspense. Instead we get long scenes involving Anna and her interaction with the guests and her annoying, though true paranoia that someones after her which goes nowhere till the end of the book. The twist lacked originality and I felt nothing for Anna in the end though I was rooting for her till the first half. Its a shame as this could have been so good.


Pros: Writing, atmospheric, mystery

Cons: pace, suspense

Bibliogyan Verdict: Promises a lot but delivers almost none.


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