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The Perfect Alibi by Philip Margolin| Book Review|

Hey Booklovers!

I guess this is the last book review for this month. I was hoping to read more books.. But sometimes it gets overwhelming and sometimes I am just lazy.. This is a book I have been meaning to read for a while and am glad to have found another new author under legal thriller genre!

The plot revolves around Robin Lockwood, an attorney who was also a boxing champion once..Her new client Randi Stark is a nursing student who plans to sue her rapist, Blaine Hastings. He is already convicted for the crime and Stark wants to make sure he pays for it too. Meanwhile another lawyer Doug Armstrong, is arrested for the alleged murder of his law firm partner though he doesn’t remember much leading to the incident and is requested to be represented by Robin. Parallel to this another case relating to a pharmaceutical company connects to the cases handled by Robin. Is everything connected or is it just a coincidence?


As much I liked the story telling I didn’t find the root of the blurb expanded in a way it usually is. It was like reading two different scenarios in one book and somehow connected. It may work in a crime series like Castle but here it felt disjointed. Though on their own they were fine stories. The characterisation is good and the suspense too but the plot structure felt off. The relationship between Robin and her investigator Jeff was okay, it didn’t feel forced but I couldn’t see any sparks either. Perhaps since its my second book in the series. Everything else was nicely done. Though the climax felt like over stretched imagination I don’t mind suspending my belief for the sake of storytelling if it’s said with conviction. In the end am glad to have read another legal thriller that’s good, so soon.

Pros: writing, characterisation, pace

Cons: plot structure

Bibliogyan verdict: Has its flaws but definitely worth the read.

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