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The Divorce by Victoria Jenkins| Book Review|

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After quiet sometime I finally requested a book – The Divorce on NetGalley, the blurb had me from the get go but its just amazing how a good blurb can hook you in even if the book doesn’t do it justice.

tdThe story starts with Karen, a marriage counsellor, who takes in a couple – Josh and Lydia, who are on the verge of separating, as her new clients. They seem to go around in circles every time they discuss their problems. But helping them sort out their problems is what Karen does best. Once their sessions start Karen begins to notice certain tell-tale signs of abuse and wants to help Lydia the best she can except she begins receiving threatening emails and is worried for her own safety. There is something about the couple that makes her feel odd and she isn’t sure if she really wants to continue helping them. But mostly she is reminded of a similar past case, the one that still haunts her.


Let me start by saying that it isn’t easy to concentrate on just three characters to carry a story. Its difficult and more often that not becomes boring. Yet there are books that can pull through. Sadly this isn’t one of them. The story is told in alternating POVs between Karen, Josh and Lydia. Yet every time I would feel like each Povs were dragging forever. Karen’s was the worst. She was such a structureless character. The whole plot felt mediocre. The characterisation was weak and I know its not an action genre to warrant something happening every few minutes but till the last two or three chapters nothing is happening. But neither do I care. This is a far cry from a “psychological” thriller or “gripping”. The only effort it took was for me to grip my device till I finished. Which is sad as I wanted to like it. There is slow burner and there is slow nothing-to-burn and this is the latter. And the twist? I don’t even wanna go there. I didn’t hate the book, its just so many have praised it as ‘wow or gripping thriller’ which is just disappointing. And the blurb is just a deflector.. wonder how to chose books then. 

Thank you to NetGalley & Bookouture for my review copy.

Release date: 4th July, 2019


Pros: sadly, nothing

Cons: Pace, characterisation, plot

Bibliogyan Verdict: Not the worst I have read, yet disappointing.



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