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A Stranger In The House by Shari Lapena| Book Review|

Hey BookLovers!

We are half way into June already! My reading progress is slower than usual but I managed to finish this book in two days. In fact I didn’t sleep last night till I finished it. Let’s get straight to the plot.

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Karen Krupp has just had an accident. She doesn’t remember anything leading up to it but at the time of her accident, another man was found dead by three boys who decide to rob him. Detective Rasbach senses that the two might be connected and begins to dig deep into her life. Meanwhile the relation between Karen and her husband Tom, has strained owning to her lies and her possible connection to murder. Amidst all this we have their neighbour, Brigid who keeps a careful watch on the couple and who may have more stake in their lives than necessary. Will Karen remember what happened? Did she kill that man? Why was she in a hurry to leave that night? Find out in this next read of yours!

The plot starts with great potential. The author hooks you right from the start and manages to grab your attention till halfway. Once certain plot points are revealed, things began to feel sloggy and drags. The characters are well fleshed out and the relation between husband and wife is not something we root for as it strains right from the start, instead of supporting each other through the tough times. It’s hard to believe they are married at all. As more and more shocking secrets are revealed you may feel trapped reading this just like the characters which is not a bad thing but it could have been shorter. The twists at the end felt unnecessary. Though I expected to be blown away by the book, it does a satisfactory job of keeping you turning the pages.


Pros: storyline, characterisation, suspense

Cons: pace, repetitive at places.

Bibliogyan Verdict : An enjoyable read but missing the thrill.




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