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TH1RT3EN By Steve Cavanagh

Hey BookLovers!

Hello June! I know its been quiet a few days since I have been active and well I have been sick and my son too so had to take a break. I managed to read around 3-4 books but I couldn’t bring myself to review them. But yesterday I felt I could start doing it again and here I am!

Thirteen is one of the books I have had my eye on for quiet some time now. The blurb is really interesting and I have been on a lookout for a good legal thriller after John Grisham and every other ones that I read under the genre were really boring that I couldn’t really pursue them as much as I wanted to. Cut to 2019 and I am so glad to have found Steve Cavanagh. Before I say more lets get straight to the plot:

thirteen.jpgMega movie star Bobby Soloman, has been accused of double murders – that of his wife and head of security. Except he pleads not guilty. Enter Eddie Flynn – a notorious defence lawyer who joins Bobby’s team at the last moment and is entrusted with some back up defense. But at the zero hour Bobby’s main lawyer and team resigns due to certain unfortunate circumstances and Eddie Flynn decides to represent him on his own. The jury has been carefully selected but we soon learn that the killer is on the jury too. How will they win the case this time?

This was a fantastic read from start to finish. It’s almost paced as a race against time which in a way it was as the trial went on only for a few days. Eddie Flynn is a master protagonist and even though this is his fourth book we get glimpses of his life and really root for him. He is definitely a sharp character and you immediately take to him. The narrative is smooth and keeps you at the edge of your seat throughout. Of course the killer is equally smart and that’s what makes this cat and mouse chase so good. Yet I felt for all the killers villainy and his intelligence his one flaw was ego. And that really was what unmade him. Thus making the plot somewhat predictable but am far from complaining. The supporting characters add layers and dimensions to this already good plot and makes for one heck of a ride.


Pros: pace, characterisation, plotline

Cons: nothing that stands out.

Bibliogyan verdict: A courtroom drama you should not miss.



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