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Red Sparrow – Movie

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It’s been such a whirlwind month. One day am on a reading marathon and the next I haven’t read in two days. But thankfully I did catch up on one of the movies whose book I have been meaning to read for quite some time now. Espionage genre has always fascinated me and if it wasn’t for the slow narration it would have been easily a favourite. Not that it isn’t but I make up for it by watching the movies. Nevertheless am hoping as I get more patient (haha) I get to read the books too! Now let’s get on with the review.


Red sparrow movie.jpgDominika Egorova, a Russian played by Jennifer Lawrence is a ballerina by profession. Her mother, who is sick, lives with her and the company that she works for provides them with lodging and medical facility. Unfortunately an incident turns her life completely around. She is forced to accept the work offered by her uncle who works in one of the top government agencies SVR and asks her to train, to become a sparrow. This training requires the candidates to seduce or use their physical beauty to ensnare possible spies who are threats to the country. Once she is recruited she has to find The identity of a mole hidden high inside the government except the mission is not as it seems at all and threatens her entire future.

Ok. Red Sparrow is one of the better spy movies out there. The character Dominika is very relatable in that she is trying to live her life in the best she is able and tending to her ill mother as a dutiful daughter. She is talented and a known ballerina, of course it feels bad she had to give that up. Yet she shines as a sparrow – I don’t know if it’s a real agency but I have read certain similar training has been done before. Her emotions are so varied. One moment she can ruthlessly kill you and the next she is crying as her mother struggles to get up from the ground alone in the bathroom. The gore in this movie is high. It’s in your face. I had to avert my eyes quiet a few times. The storyline is pretty straight forward. What makes this stand apart is here the protagonist is a normal citizen like you and me. She is thrust into this world of espionage by vested parties and it could have gone disastrously for her but it was when she was cornered that her survival mode emerged and she makes sure she is the one playing and not the one played.

The supporting characters are all in form. Especially Nate played by Joel Edgerton and Dominka’s Uncle played by Matthias Schoenaerts. The others merely contribute to the storyline though they haven’t got much to do on screen. It’s odd to see Jennifer in such a bold movie but she goes into character almost effortlessly. The Russian accented English was out of place and her character felt stiff at times. Yet her transformation is amazing. The movie may feel slow and boring in certain places too. The chemistry between the leads is almost zero but I didn’t feel like it dampened the experience cause of that. It was almost refreshing to see two people not be cliched head over heels over the other. Ultimately (to a large extent) the movie is about a woman taking back the power from the men who try to strip the same from her.


My IMDb rating – 7

Bibliogyan verdict – Bring out the popcorn and enjoy a good movie night.



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