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Adventures in Amarant by J.D Bowens| Book Review|

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I am back with another YA fantasy review. This time I am reviewing a book by a new author who had sent me a review copy of the same few weeks back. The book consists of three short stories set in the magical world of Amarant and is only fifty one pages and follows the adventures of the Edderick brothers namely, Consus, Kyran, Altin and Ewan.



Follows the Journey of Missionaries Consus and Kyran who are transporting an elderly priestess Botti. They are met with severe obstructions when they learn of the Priestess’s secret and realise soldiers are following them. In a panic they decide to hide underground in a cave that supposedly takes them to the destination they were travelling to. But hideous and frightening creatures live underneath. Will they make it back safe and sound?


This one focuses on the other two brother Altin – a mage and his brother Ewan who are given the job of terminating rats from a basement only to be confronted with creatures they never expected. Will they be able to find the source of this and terminate them for once and for all?


Here we find all the four brother together when a Bard requests Kyran to retrieve a flute that was stolen from him. Only the path through which the bandits escaped leads to the river of sorrow where it is highly unlikely you will come out alive. Will they be successful or is their mission already doomed?

As usual I like to state firsthand that am not a fan of short stories because its difficult to invest in characters and the characters themselves seldom make a mark. Adventures in Amarant is a good attempt by the author to narrate a story that has strong potential to be a full fledged book but as a short story, I found it hard to care about them. The writing is good and so are the stories. I would say the weakest among them was the third one when compared to the others. Nevertheless, they are entertaining and makes for a good side read for the full book I believe the author has already finished.



Pros: plot, writing, pace, world building

Cons: No background information, Character development

Bibliogyan Verdict: For short story enthusiasts. 


About the Author

J.D. Bowens is a Fantasy Novelist from New England. He is the author of The Pilgrim Stone, The Dragon Queen, and Beyond the Veil – the first three books in Adventures in Amarant series.

When he’s not writing epic fantasies, JD Bowens enjoys his time at the gym, summer trips with his wife, walking his cat, the occasional D&D game and training for the zombie apocalypse.






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