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My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing |Book Review|

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I finally read this book. I have been seeing this around and the blurb was so good that I just had to read it asap. Of course I was worried it would not live up-to its hype but it did. so lets get on with the review.

my lovely wife by samantha downing

Millicent and her husband are the embodiment of the perfect suburban couple. They have been married for fifteen years and have two kids together, Rory and Jemma. They have a normal life – work, school, dinner, movie night, fights and a pretty regular family life. Outside they are just like you – an average couple, except they have a dark secret. Murder. That’s like a hobby to them. Its been a while since they killed someone and our story starts with them figuring out their next target.

I must admit – The Mr and Mrs. Smith reference and that too in terms of murder really intrigued me. Unlike the spies in the original reference we are talking about murderers with a normal family here. They are a couple who kill for pleasure. The book in and of itself is very disturbing despite the fast paced light tone. We are invited into their world through the Husband’s point of view and his wife is never given any sort of a definition except that she is controlling and very precise in everything she does. Despite the inside look of a serial killer – which is shockingly casual – we never really understand the two though we do come to empathise with the husband who one should not forget is a serial killer too! 

The talks they have with their kids is so normal and everyday that its hard to think of this book as a life of a serial killer. I don’t understand why we should sympathise with them at all. The twists in the end was mildly predictable especially that of her sister Holly. Towards the end everything does seem bleak and desperate but the author successfully manages to make everything taut yet entertaining. Another thing that stands out in the book is the violence is taking place off-page. We don’t see the gory details except for their big schemes. As the story progresses things become obvious that the husband never really knew his wife at all. And you are so glued to the pages to know how its gonna end.



Pros: Suspense, page turner, refreshing storyline, 

Cons: Takes too long setting the build-up

Bibliogyan Verdict: A fun, addictive and shocking domestic thriller



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