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The Lingering by SJI Holliday| Book Review|

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So I was finally able to read this book I had my eye on since towards the end of last year. When I read the blurb I was highly interested. It seemed like a horror thriller which I rarely read yet it somehow felt different. Not to mention the cover, which further piqued my interest. So here’s my take on it.

the lingering by sji halliday

Ali and Jack are looking for a fresh start. They decide to join a spiritual commune in a quiet village called the Rosalind House. It’s an old hospital building once used as an asylum and now converted to a self-sufficient home for those not wanting to participate in the outside world. Here Ali and Jack decide to spend a month and then see how it goes. Only things starts behaving weird the moment they set foot inside. One of it’s residents, Angela, seems to sense there’s something quiet not right about them. Ali herself begins to see “ghosts” or apparition that she convinces herself as not real and Jack falls back on the drugs he wanted to stay of off. After a month of staying at the new place things start to escalate and soon everything starts to fall apart. Now everyone wonders if the new couple are really who they say they are or if something more sinister is at hand.

I am completely disappointed with the book. It has so much potential and could have been hair raising-ly good but the first hundred pages were dragging forever. The characters Jack and Ali barely have any weight and Smeaton seems to be on autopilot for someone who should be looking after the house and it’s residents. Angela was good but didn’t get much spotlight. The others barely register. There’s a lot mentioned about it’s history but nothing elaborated except through an old doctors diary which doesn’t seem so important in hindsight and I feel has been under-utilised. The whole plot seems to be on shaky ground though it has so much potential. Lots of dialogues and scenes were repeated for what purpose I don’t know. In the end you don’t care what happens and just that it ends.



Pros: Storyline, suspense

Cons: dragging, dialogues, repetition

Bibliogyan Verdict: a slow burner that tests your patience but has a refreshing storyline.



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