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The Girl From The Sea By Shalini Boland|Book Review|

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Once again I am back with an author whose last book I had enjoyed immensely. I am of course talking about Shalini Boland’s The Perfect Family. It was one of the best books I read last year and is officially part of Bibliogyan’s recommendation. So naturally I wanted to read her other books and decided to start with this one as it was available for review on NetGalley. 

Coming to the plot:

girl from sea shalini boland.jpg

Mia James has been found unconscious on a beach in Christchurch, Bournemouth, England. The only problem is that she doesn’t remember who she is or how she came to be there. The doctor tells her she has retrograde amnesia and her memories will be back once she familiarises herself with everything in the past, but it can take time. Her boyfriend Piers helps her initially but she soon meets others and realises things  are not right and that something’s been kept from her. When she finally thinks maybe everything will turn out okay, that’s when it all collapses. What’s going to happen next? Is she who she thinks she is? 

The plot was good and had potential but the over all tone of the book was flat. I never felt like Mia was in a hurry to know her past and everything that was revealed was very slow leading to an abrupt ending. It was as if the author stretched one line to a whole 300 page book. The fact that she has to figure out everything from scratch was both what made this book interesting as well as a downer – while the suspense from just that was what kept me reading, it made the characterisation weak and boring. There’s only so much we can spend time inside her head with doubts and questions before we want the answers. There was no urgency or any scary situations baring a flash of repeated memory that makes you hooked to the book and so the whole experience of reading it was like eating food without seasonings. Not a book I would want to start with for this author.

Thanks to NetGalley & Bookouture for my review copy.

Release Date – March 20th.



Pros: writing 

Cons: pace, characterisation, plot

Bibliogyan Verdict: Has potential but bit of a letdown.



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