7 Types Of Readers We Identify With|Book Talks|

Hey Booklovers!

Here’s a fun insight into the type of readers I feel I have come across after all this time of reading and blogging. Am sure you too have met one or so following types of readers too. Which one are you? Share in the comments below.

1. Author obsessed – The ones who wait at a bookstore at five in the morning  to get a copy

You stick to the authors you like, and you read them, pretty much exclusively, whatever they write, good or bad, regardless of reviews or the opinions of your friends or family. Everyone knows what to get you for your birthday or holidays. You are a true fan, and have been known to stand in line for a book signing

2.The Sleepy Bedtime Reader – the ones who find their beds the cosiest nook to read 

Do you feel the only time you have to read is when you’re about to go to sleep? You tote your book into bed with you and it’s so very comfortable and the book is so deliciously good, but you cannot keep your eyes open and end up waking up with a book on your face and your light still on at 3 a.m.? 

3. The uptight reader – the ones who read only highly recommended literary books

Everyone knows that person who only reads “high brow literature”,  the obnoxious version of the Intellect. They’d rather pour over Proust translations than pick up a romantic paperback, or worse, a young adult novel — *gasp*. They’re above that kind of reading.

4. Physical books only – the ones with always a book in their hands.

Many types of readers say they prefer physical books over e-books and audio books, but there’s a group of readers who live and die by printed and bound books. Call them old-fashioned, but for them, there’s just something about the feeling of cloth and the smell of paper that make reading a “real” book that much better.

5. Series Binger – the ones for whom one book isn’t enough

There are those readers who can’t bear the idea of standalone novels, because they can only really get into reading when they have an entire series to dive into. 

6. Fiction books only – The ones who prefer fiction to reality

Ok, if I had to absolutely choose the type of reader I am, it would be a fiction lover. I LOVE fiction. Over 90% of the books in my collection is fiction. There is something about getting lost in someone else’s story, for better or worse, if only for a couple of hours or days that I love. I definitely appreciate non-fiction, however, my imagination is able to run wild when it comes to fiction.

7. Gimme all kinds – the ones who dabble in all kinds of Genre

This reader cannot get their hands on ENOUGH prose and literature, and that covers every genre. Nothing gets in the way of their reading challenge goals, numerous book clubs, and heavy involvement in the #bookstagram communities. 



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