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Final Girls by Riley Sager|Book Review|

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Guess what? March is almost over and I find myself a bit lazy to read but decided it’s time to read another Riley Sager book, I was literally blown away by The Last Time I lied and understood the hype around him and was excited to read his first book Final Girls and here’s my take on it.

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So, Quincy Carpenter is a Final Girl. Don’t know what that is? No problem. A final girl is the last one who survives a horror movie type massacre. You see Quincy has survived such a massacre known as the Pinewood Cottage massacre (in Pennsylvania), ten years ago, when she was out with friends in a remote cabin, and where a mad man butchered all of them except her. She survived though she doesn’t remember a large chunk of what happened, but she has entered a club with two others called Final Girls .

Ten years later Quincy is in a happy place. She has an ‘almost ‘ fiance and a small business but her relationship with her mother is strained, though she feels lucky to have jeff she doesn’t feel completely by herself with him. Despite constant support from Franklin Cooper, the cop who found her all those years ago, their relationship is undefined – is their a mutual attraction or is he just a guardian angel?

Things seems to be going smooth till one day Lisa Miller, another Final Girl from another massacre is found dead. Only Quincy and Samantha are the Final Girls who survive but are they next? When the reclusive Samantha meets Quincy all hell breaks loose for her and she ends up doing things she has no idea she was capable of. There’s a whole lot of psychological banter back and forth between Quincy and Samantha that follows leading us to wonder what’s happening. With no clues or leads on Lisa’s murder no one is what they seem. Everyone has dire secrets to hide and now it’s crucial more than ever that Quincy remembers what happened that night at pine cottage all those years ago.

Oh my god. This was such a bad read for me. And I had kept my expectations pretty realistic yet I felt the book was deliberately trying to make me hate it. The characters were just awful. By which I mean only Quincy and Sam. The others were okay. At one point I wanted to punch Sam and shake Quincy out of her god knows what illusion. The story is told in alternating Pov. One of Quincys present and another a glimpse into her past in the cottage. The first half drags unnecessarily but is fast paced so you forgive that. The banter between Quincy and Sam had me wanting to pull my hair out. But the ending was something I definitely didn’t expect till last. I had no clue who murdered Lisa and I had various theories in my mind but all of them went poof when the end was revealed though it felt a bit shoved in. The slasher movie reference was great but despite such potential it was a let down. It felt a cross between slasher movies and a psychological thriller which I don’t think is a good mix though the author tries really hard to make it work.


Pros: suspense, horror movie trope,

Cons: convoluted, pacing, thin plotline

Bibliogyan verdict: A tense and way too twisted psychological thriller.



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