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The Girl in the Ice by Robert Bryndza|Book Review| #DetectiveEricaFosterSeries|

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I had mentioned in my new years post the authors I had discovered last year and whose series I wanted to continue. I had immensely enjoyed Deadly Secrets and was looking forward to read the series from the beginning and I finally got the chance to catch up with Erika Foster #1 and here’s my take on it.

The plot:

tgiti rb.jpg

Andrea Douglas-Brown is a twenty something young socialite who is found murdered one morning in the most brutal manner. She is found beneath frozen water in the south London park. Who killed her and why?

Enter Detective Chief Inspector Erika Foster. She is back from a sabbatical after the death of her husband who died on duty and for which she still blames herself. As soon as she is transferred from Manchester Metropolitan Police (MET) to her current office in Lewisham Row, she realizes things work way differently than her ex office. For one the establishment has more power than the police itself and Erika finds herself butting heads with them on more than one occasion, even putting her career on line. But she is determined to find the killer who it seems may have also murdered three other women. But the closer she gets to the killer the more obstacles she has to face including a life threatening attack from the killer himself. Does she survive and manage to catch the killer?

Just like Bryndza’s Deadly Secrets #6, the first one too is pumped with mystery and misdirection. Despite been a crime fiction cum police procedural everything is on the surface level and there’s no extreme gore to be dealt with which is good for those who are looking for something light in this genre. I enjoyed the characterization which again is enough for us to care but not get frustrated with. The plot was becoming pretty much predictable towards mid half and it was unnecessarily dragged out to delay the reveal but nevertheless it’s a cozy and engrossing thriller and am definitely checking out the next in the series.


Pros: characterization, writing and suspense, atmospheric

Cons: pace and could have been few chapters less.

Bibliogyan verdict: A police procedural that’s both light and enjoyable.



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