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Watching You by Lisa Jewell|Book Review|

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I hope you are having a good start to the week. Mine could have been better. I have a lot on my March TBR, nevertheless, I decided to search for a different title and stumbled upon this one and needless to say, this is my first book my Lisa Jewell. 

Coming to the plot:

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Joey Mullen is a twenty seven year old married woman who has no clue what to do with her life. She has a brother who is a surgeon, and a husband, Alfie whom she has known for around two months before they decided to marry and an absent father and a mother who died few months before she got hitched. Her brother is married too, to Rebecca Hart, and are expecting their first child soon. Joey and Alfie are living with her brother till they sort out their life in Melville Heights, in Bristol, England. She meets Tom Fitzwilliam, the fifty-one year old headmaster of the nearby school who is also their neighbour, to whom she immediately takes a fancy to. It seems he has a charming effect where ever he goes, along with a mysterious after-effect so to say. He seems too good to be true and the death of an earlier student seems to follow him around. And now there’s another death, too close to home and Joey finds herself as the number one suspect,

Ok. The book is about too many characters and too many storyline. Yes, the main focus is on Joey and Tom but there are way too many parallel plot lines that can’t be ignored including, Jenna – Tom’s student, his son Freddie and all primary relationships that both Joey and Tom had. The whole three fourth of the book is a diversion to what is really going on though it is hinted at throughout the book. It takes centre stage only towards the end when the identity of the mysterious death is revealed and it all ties together. I don’t think even destiny could have made this up. While the plot is very different and told in a very casual style, what it sorely lacks is suspense and our investment in the characters. You are definitely intrigued as to what’s going on but there are way too many characters to root for. Towards the end everything gets way too emotional all of a sudden and while that did affect me, it didn’t convince my opinion of the book itself. I do wonder why I decided to read it.


Pros: writing, settings, plot

Cons: pace, lack of suspense

Bibliogyan Verdict: Probably best for Lisa Jewell fans


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