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One Of Us is Lying by Karen McManus|Book Review|

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I started reading this last month but had to keep it aside as it just wasn’t holding my interest. I knew I would finish it though as the blurb looked interesting and it did get good reviews. Its also part of my PopSugar Reading challenge too. Though am no fan of YA books I decided to give it a try as it had a murder as its underlying plot line. Besides I loved The Breakfast Club and to see it modified like this was definitely a selling point for me.

Coming to the plot:

oneofusislying by karenmcmanus

The story begins with five students of Bayview High who find themselves in detention. Simon, the nerd/outcast. Nate, the criminal. Bronwyn, the brain. Addy, the princess and Cooper, the jock. But they have no clue how they came to be in detention for the reason given was cellphones found in their backpack which isn’t allowed but nevertheless nobody believes them and as soon as their time starts Simon has a life threatening reaction to the water he just drank. Few hours later he is found dead. And the remaining four are now considered as the suspects. You see, Simon operated an app ‘About That’ for school gossip and the other four had secrets that none of them wanted revealed. But how far will you go to keep your secrets protected? As it turns out, Simon was about to publish embarrassing truths, about the four that would have ruined their reputation at school, the very next day and it seems like someone deliberately tried to murder him. So who did it?

This isn’t a classic whodunnit story. Its very much told in the young adult style where the focus is on these kids and their lives. Its told in multiple POVs (of the four teens) and gives us a glimpse into their lives which is more than just their stereotype reputation. Its like having an in-depth backstory to the characters in the movie (mentioned above) and I totally loved it. There was no suspense in the book yet you are dying to know who killed Simon. Each character’s story is unveiled slowly and you see them growing from the start of the book till the last page. The plot line is definitely tight and no loose chapters to draw it out and that was refreshing as well.

I do admit I was biased in the beginning and expected to not like it but the author has definitely won me over with a fantastic story line. Its far better than ’13 reasons why’ which almost glamourises teen problems but here its pretty realistic though the app for gossip was too far fetched. It seems even the school authorities too relied on it when in fact they should have had it shutdown long ago. The LGBTQ plot was also refreshing and didn’t feel shoved in. Despite all the pros I am not a fan of YA books and so its just a one off read for me.

|Popsugar reading challenge|A story told from multiple POVs|


Pros: Character arcs, writing, plot, message

Cons: pace

Bibliogyan Verdict: The Breakfast club meets Gossip girl meets Pretty little liars, if thats your thing.



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5 thoughts on “One Of Us is Lying by Karen McManus|Book Review|

  1. Fantastic review! I have seen this book a lot and I think I will read it because I really loved both Gossip Girl and Pretty little liars once upon a time.


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