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The Girl Across The Street by Vikki Patis|Book Review|#netgalley|

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This is the first time I have read a Vikki Patis book and boy does she not disappoint.

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The book starts with Isla and Beth witnessing an accident together, while Beth was on her way back from a late night shift, Isla was having trouble sleeping. That moment brings a connection between the two and leads to a new tender friendship. But beneath their veneer lies secrets that none of them are ready to admit or share.

While Isla is in an abusive marriage, Beth is in a relationship that’s going nowhere. Both have many things in common, especially their background, but it’s not always what you see on the outside that goes on inside. Beth does have a secret motive to get close to Isla but she soon starts feeling genuine emotions for her but is that enough for what she’s planning?

Ok I will admit I don’t know if that summarisation cuts it for this book. But that’s the gist of it. The accident does play a role in their lives but it’s not until the end it’s revealed why. Nevertheless it isn’t about what they witnessed that night together, the story is mostly how similar their lives are despite the division between their wealth and status and how they come to be so close to each other.

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The story is told in alternating POVs with that of Beth and Isla. Despite been a psychological thriller, I felt the story veered towards the emotional side more though most of the time the plot was filled with suspense and taut atmosphere.

Again, am an emotional person and their background story did make me teary eyed. They both lost their parents at a young age and are still finding their way in the world (like we all are). Am sure we have all wondered some time or the other – is this it? Is there nothing more? Is this what’s meant for me? At a young age we are always encouraged to dream big but those dreams may not necessarily come true and then we are asked to just deal with it as we are adults and I loved how the author captured those emotions.

I felt really moved for the two characters and the author describes their feelings so acutely that it’s difficult not to be touched yet all things said and done, the ending was in poor taste. Open endings are fine but not when it’s almost a blunder. They could have gone to the police or talked to a lawyer. But they chose to hide and wait it out. I was let down with the ending.

|PopSugar Reading Challenge| A book Published in 2019|


Thank you to Netgalley and Bookouture for my review copy.

Release date – 8th march, 2019.

Pros: writing, characterisation, storyline, pace.

Cons: horrible ending, perhaps made it a few chapters shorter.

Bibliogyan verdict: An emotionally engaging story filled with apt suspense.



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