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An Anonymous Girl By Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen|Book Review|

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I finally did two of the PopSugar Reading Challenge (Click on the link for more). Are you participating in it? I have slightly modified it to suit my Tbr list and hopefully will be able to complete all twenty. Share your books in the comments!

So sometimes I cannot wait to write the review of a book even before it finishes for it evokes such strong reactions in me that I just have to write as much as I can about the book. One such book is An Anonymous Girl.

The authors Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen best known for their previous collaboration The Wife Between Us, which I loved, are back with their next book. Though it released in January and I was dying to read it I had to clear few of my previous Tbr list before I could leisurely read this. And indeed what a fantastic book have they treated us with.

An Anonymous Girl is a classic psychological thriller that has an unstable narrator and makes the reader question everything thats revealed. Not for a second can we guess what’s going on and no matter how much we predict the possibilities we are met with more questions than answers.

But first let’s see the plot:

Jessica is a makeup artist working in Manhattan when she stumbles upon a survey for ethics and morality which will pay its subjects 500$ for participating. The one conducting this survey/test is Dr. Lydia Shields who is a psychologist but we soon come to realise that she has an ulterior motive for doing this. As Jessica’s participation gets deeper and deeper in the test which, includes “real life” scenarios the more difficult it becomes for her to disentangle herself from Dr.Shields. Caught between a web of lies and deceit Jessica can no longer trust anyone and yet she will have to up her game if she is to emerge victorious.

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Despite an implausible storyline and character decisions you are caught in this whirlwind of a thriller that makes you glued to its pages. Just like the previous book, here too, the authors use split narration. One of Jessica and the other Dr. Lydia Shields. In every chapter you are met with tense atmosphere yet just like Jessica you are beguiled into believing everything Dr.Shields says. What starts with normal survey questions soon turns into intimate sessions that both unravels and mystify their relationship.

While all is said and done I found the characters to be kind of silly. Jessica could have walked away from the survey long before things escalated. I despised Dr.Shields like I haven’t any character in ages. She was a classic manipulator and psychotic and yet I didn’t understand her need to be so horrible to Jessica, especially towards the end. Of course I don’t want to give anything away hence am tight lipped about what went on between them. I truly felt sorry for Jessica for she never asked any of this. Yet this cat and mouse story was too good to forgive it for it’s sins.

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Pros: pacing, suspense and writing

Cons: could have done with 100 pages shorter, storyline.

Bibliogyan verdict: An addictive page turner you do not want to miss.



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