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The Woman in Cabin 10 by #Ruthware|Book Review|

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Wishing you all a lovely bookish March and hope we get to read great books this month like the one am about to review. I had reviewed In a Dark Dark Wood by Ruth Ware in January this year. I was disappointed to say the least cause usually we are impressed by the first book we read of an author but here, it wasn’t the case. I had thoroughly disliked the storyline as well as the protagonist. Yet I shelved The Woman in Cabin 10 last year in my Tbr list and the blurb really had my interest piqued that I was willing to let go of the authors previous work. After all there’s no harm in giving authors a second chance right?

Coming to the plot:


Laura Blacklock (or Lo) is a journalist working for a travel magazine – Velocity, who got the opportunity of a lifetime. A week on a luxury cruise, Aurora, with only a handful of cabins meant for the extremely rich and famous. We begin the story with her waking up in her apartment in the middle of the night only to realise theres an intruder inside. Before she can get over that traumatising experience she heads over to the cruise to begin her week long break. At first everything is great. Fabulous interiors, rooms and company but after dinner the first night, Lo wakes up hearing a scream and the sound of a woman been thrown in the ocean from the cabin 10 next to her. Did she imagine this or was it real? She seems to be drinking a lot and mixing it with antidepressants that everything seems to border on real and madness. When she mentions this to others including the security no one seems to take her seriously especially with scant evidence to show. Coupled with the mysterious woman she met in cabin 10 before all this occurred makes Lo desperate to find out what really happened.

If the blurb hasn’t made you want to read the book then seriously do it after reading my review. I am bowled over, completely, by the author I was ready to dismiss after I read Dark Wood. Wow. Seriously. Within the first page I knew the book was good. Laura’s voice is much stronger, more real and feels lived through. Unlike Nora in Dark Wood who lacked a personality to say the least. The suspense in this book makes your heart beat faster. I could feel everything Lo felt. Her fear, her confusion and anguish. She was made of stronger material than the authors previous protagonist. When Lo finds herself in a desperate situation I felt as desperate as her and wondered how this was going to end. The cabin fever was so vivid that I could picture myself in there with her. I was also reminded of Agatha Christie’s novels like ‘And then there were none’ and ‘Murder on the Orient express’ as it too has a similar plot line – murder on a transport system, multiple suspects etc. 

The only “flaw” was how frustrating Lo was at times deliberately putting herself in danger even though she was doing the right thing. I only wished she was more discreet or waited to land before she made her dangerous investigations. There were many plot points that were probably meant to divert attention to other possibilities but it all added to the tension the author built up. I expected a twist towards the end and well you will have to read it to know what happens 😉

Pros: Storyline, Claustrophobic, Suspense,

Cons: possibly weak ending

Bibliogyan Verdict: A page turner that will not let you stop till the end.





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8 thoughts on “The Woman in Cabin 10 by #Ruthware|Book Review|

  1. Great review! Even I liked this book better than “A dark dark wood”. You should also try “The lying game” by her, I really enjoyed that one too.

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