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5 Tips To Get Over A Book Slump



Hey Booklovers!

Since we have reached the end of this month I thought of sharing some tips that helped me get over a book slump that had gripped me for a good chunk of February. Though I felt guilty for not reading the first three weeks I seriously enjoyed my break. For once it wasn’t about finishing a book by so and so time or making sure I post every other day or not realising how much time has passed reading a book.

Besides we have all been there. Am sure you too have felt like you just can’t read anymore. It’s the bane of every reader. It’s usually cause of wanting to do something different instead of sitting in one spot and loosing hours with no idea how. And once you fall in a book slump then it can take some time to start reading again. It can be specially difficult with a toddler to look after too.

But fear not for a true book lover will find their way to begin reading again. The one thing that kept me going was the itch to read again. I began missing it within a few days after I stopped reading. I checked Goodreads often and other blogger reviews to keep myself inspired. Combined with my true and tested techniques and voila! I was reading again. Check out my tips below:


coffee break bibliogyanWhen I knew I was beginning to feel like I cant read anymore I knew the best thing to do would be to take a break. I stopped reading all together. Its possible not everyone can do this since you never know when you will be able to return from your break. Also some of you just cant do without reading – at least some pages even during a book slump. I am not one of them, clearly. Within a few days of my break I wanted to get back to reading again but the thing with reading, at least for me, is I need peace and a time slotted for it. So I couldn’t get back without planning. It took me an extra week to decide what to read and make sure it will help me pull out from the book slump and thankfully it did. A break is also a good way to rejuvenate yourself and pay attention to something else you want to do but didn’t have time before.


pile of booksI don’t know when and how this is applicable as I use this method even when I am not in a book slump just to keep reading fresh and to look forward to reading the other genres as well. I mostly like reading thriller/fantasy/mythology and want to try Scifi. These days the thriller fictions are way too good that I can read 3-4 in a row easily. I sometimes read romance if I am in the mood too. Its a good way to keep the book slump at bay for as long as you can.


kissclipart-amy-tan-clipart-homeschooling-music-education-b970740d59f4b9ffI cant usually read with music as my attention tends to go towards the lyrics and then I wonder why I was listening to music in the first place but then I figured all I need is soft music such as instrumentals and jazz and my most favourite – rain. It just helps me transcend to a different place where its only me and the characters. It helps to get lost in reading for hours but I mostly read in the evening so am okay. 



books bibliogyanI used to re-read books I like years ago as I wasn’t really interested in reading but I wanted to be lost in some world where I felt cozy. Admittedly its been ages I reread books but its a good way to get over a book slump as it helps the wheels moving and before you know you will start reading again. 


                          KEEP A REALISTIC GOAL 

goal bibliogyanWhether its regarding the number of books you want to read or how and when you can read, make sure you are serious and committed to it. Sometimes I read cause am bored and sometimes because I just have to know what happened next. But I make sure I read only so much books in a week or in a month. As it happened with me this time I took on a huge amount of review requests in January that made me want to stop reading at all. I read around 15 books in January which is way above my limit and have decided to not accept review copies (for a while) as its difficult to balance both. Hence be realistic about what, when and how much you want to read and rest will fall into place.

So there you go – my top five tips. Am sure there are many other ways to get over a book slump including going to the library or bookstore to find new titles but what are your ways to get over it? Share them in the comments below!




14 thoughts on “5 Tips To Get Over A Book Slump

  1. These are great tips! Slumps are always so difficult. I think keeping a realistic goal is the best solution for me, because when I try to push and read as many as I can, I tend to get burned out and end up in a slump. Or go deeper into a slump if I’m just starting one. Same with the reading alternate genres! As much as I do love certain genres, sometimes it’s not necessarily a slump, but just burnout in that one genre in particular, and switching to something new does the trick. Thanks for the great tips!

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