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The Housewife by #ValerieKeogh|Book Review|#netgalley

Hey Booklovers!

February has come to an end. Where did the last two months go? I hadn’t really planned out this month for a lack of interest in reading and also cause am occupied with moving around more than I want to but am hoping next month would be different. I have quiet a few fantasy books I want to read and so am thinking I will make March – Fantasy reads month. Of course there will be the occasional thriller review but am hoping to finish a couple of fantasy books which take longer to read. Ok coming to the review.


Diane is a twenty something working woman in Bristol, who meets Paul Andrews, an accountant and within two months of courtship they get married and move to his London home. Four years later, they have one daughter, Emma, who is almost three. The story begins with Diane having returned from a clinic after going through a nervous breakdown. She doesn’t remember what happened that led to it and her relationship with Paul is strained though he is seemingly happy with Emma. She decides to go for volunteer work as Emma begins nursery and also because she is not ready for a full time job yet. But strange things begin to happen once she joins work. A woman who she suddenly meets at work begins to stalk her but she’s not sure if it’s real or hallucinations which leads to a chain of events as she starts lying more, begins to hear a baby crying and drink, basically go completely bonkers. But through sheer determination and love for her daughter she tries to reach the bottom of everything that’s going on and she knows sooner or later she will have to face what her memory is trying to block from her.

I found the beginning to be pretty slow and it took me a couple of chapters to really hook in. This is my second book by this author following ‘secrets between us’. There’s definitely tons of improvement in this one and it pays off but again the characters were just annoying. For the longest time I couldn’t connect with Diane. It was only in the last few chapters I began to root for her. For the most part of the book I was as disoriented as Diane, wondering what’s going on. The supporting characters Anne, Paul and few other characters make their mark but nothing significant. In the end what I really liked about the book was that it kept me hooked for a straight four hours.

Thank you to Netgalley and Bookotoure for my review copy.

Release date: 27th February, 2019

Pros: suspense, pace, writing

Cons: felt disconnected to the characters

Bibliogyan verdict: An engaging suspense thriller.

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