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Ethereal Custody by Byron Allanvre

Hey Booklovers!

This is my final review for this month among the piles of requested review copies. Needless to say this is the first book that I have read of this author and they are written as anthologies with multiple view points. Heres my take on

The story begins with Mage who logs in his life story as a way to help others who may find his journey useful. He lives in Vexrak on planet Daprept in the lowest level (underground slum) where the lowly workers have to find their way to the top level, if ever possible, known as the Highborn. Their lives are very different. In fact it seems like a post apocalyptic world. They use visors to protect their eyes from any disease, they need to “buy” love and they don’t seem to reach old age nor share food. One of the characters is above seven hundred years old. So things work pretty differently, obviously. Mage comes across a group of people who are trying to escape to the top level and are willing to do anything to reach up. In the beginning he is scared and defensive but soon he begins to understand how much real their intentions are and is ready to do what it takes.

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The next part of the stories are way too vast and different and takes place on multiple planets including Earth. There are multiple characters, storyline and world building and is a lot to take in. At four hundred eighty one pages it heavily tests your patience but the author infuses believable characters and the stories are divided into chapters for easy tracking and everything is part of a ‘journal’/’diary’. Frankly am a bit confused what the author was going for but is otherwise an engaging read.


Pros: Characters and world building, writing.

Cons: Excessively long

Bibliogyan Verdict: Make sure you take out the time to read this.

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