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The PlagueBorne Series by Mitchell Luthi

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Time for another review! By the way aren’t they beautiful? I think the covers are really pretty. Very Creative too. Anyhoo coming to the plot.

Katarina Von Lorenz is the daughter of an important councillor in Rothenberg. The Ritual is a short prelude to the bigger picture in The Zealot and gives us a glimpse of Katarina and her principles. She believes something evil is brewing in the forbidden forest but nobody takes her seriously. They rather bury their heads in the sand than accept what she says. Hence she decides to go and deal with it herself with the help of a long time friend, Tannhauser. They leave towards Lunburrow where a witch awaits her trial for unleashing a plague that will effect everyone, but Katarina believes otherwise and rescues her. She tells them to go towards the source of the plague to kill it.

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In the Zealot, we meet Ezekiel Smith, the one who had captured the witch and who is a “Prelator”. He goes after Katarina and Tannhauser to stop them from helping the witch but is caught in his own battles before he can reach them. Meanwhile Katarina and Tannhauser have travelled far to the province of Reans and needs to deal with an old acquaintance and figure out the source of the plague which they soon learn could be in Amstett Monastery with a mysterious disappearance. What happens once Ezekiel and the others meet? Will they reach the monastery on time? Will they be able to stop the plague? The book stops at a cliffhanger leading to an unreleased sequel.

I found the book to be interesting. The author has definitely created a solid and believable setting and the characters too make a mark but one thing that really bothered me was that the character of the witch was not mentioned nor her whereabouts in the second book which was quiet weird. I expected her to come along with them in the adventure. But there was nothing. Another thing that was a bit conflicting was Katarina lacked a clear sketch, in turn I found Ezekiel to be more layered and meaty. I wondered who the protagonist really was as Katarina was almost caricaturish. But it was a decently fun fantasy adventure.

Pros: World building, Characters, Storyline

Cons: Dialogue, Pace.

Bibliogyan Verdict: A different but enjoyable fantasy read.

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