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The Last Caliph by T.L Williams #bookreview

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As I continue my spree on book reviews here’s another one.


Logan Alexander is a covert CIA agent (former Navy SEAL) who also owns a Maritime consulting business. This is the fourth book in the Logan Alexander series and we start the story in Hong kong where Logan and his wife Zahir are preparing to return to the US in Boston. After a tragic miscarriage Zahir is unable to cope with Logan’s presence and requests some time out with each other. Meanwhile once they reach the states, Logan who was on a one year leave from his work following the HongKong assignments manages to attract a possible lead to a new case through his friend Nayef Al Subaie- a businessman and Kuwaiti billionaire who he met previously because of his brother Cooper (who dies in the first book)

the last caliph tl williams

The story then veers towards contemporary problems the Americans face, that of ISIS and how its trying to create a base in the United States following successful attacks in Europe. They try to recruit Logan’s brother-in-law, Ali, who is working as a marketing executive for the National Basket Ball Association. Through him, Logan tries to infiltrate the ISIS from the inside with the help of an undercover agent, Azar Ghabel (former Iranian turned ISIS sympathiser and now Canadian citizen) whose cover is a freelance Photojournalist. Logan assumes the identity of Tim Hudson to win them over and eventually Azar leads him to the present caliph of the ISIS in Syria. Throughout this Logan is in talks with the CIA and the Boston police department who is behind his plan and follows his every move.

Once they reach Syria (Ash Shaddadi) things begin to escalate and there is a possibility that Logan’s cover is blown. So what happens and how does he Capture the Caliph forms the rest of the story.

For me the inside view of an undercover spy was fascinating. I found the storyline extremely believable and so are the characters who are given solid backstory. The fact that this is the fourth book in the series barely registered with me and hence didn’t prove a problem not having read the previous three. There was a flow to the story from the beginning to the end connecting with the previous storylines and everything fit but somehow it wasn’t as good as it could have been. It could have been shorter at 366 pages long and despite good writing nothing felt urgent or the mission didn’t feel important enough and thus the suspense factor was almost zero except in the last few chapters.

Still the author makes the story believable while treating readers to the escapist pleasures of imaginative fiction.

Release Date – April

Pros: Realistic setting, dialogues and characters, knows his craft, Solid plot

Cons: lacks atmosphere, lack of suspense, pace.

Bibliogyan Verdict: The series is definitely worth checking out. 

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Amazon Best Selling Author T.L. Williams is a veteran CIA officer who worked and traveled around the globe. He lives in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Williams’ debut novel, Cooper’s Revenge was the recipient of a 2013 Florida Authors and Publishers Association President’s award, as was the sequel, Unit 400:The Assassins, released in January 2014.

Williams completed his third novel, Zero Day: China’s Cyber Wars, to critical acclaim in February 2017. It is the recipient of the 2017 Florida Authors and Publishers Association’s Gold President’s Award in Adult Fiction-General, and E-Book. In October 2017 it took silver in the Royal Palm Literary Awards competition.


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