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The Field by Tracy Richardson

Hey booklovers!

I recently finished this book (review copy) and here’s my take on it.


The plot revolves around a high school student Eric Horton of the Monroe High school. He is on the soccer team as the goal keeper. The story starts with Eric been selected for the Varsity Team and becoming friends with his new classmate Renee. She is a transfer from France and her father is a scientist as well as a guest lecturer in their school.

The story then move forwards to what Renee’s father is up-to. He is doing experiments with the Dark Energy and Dark Matter and connecting it with The Universal Energy field. We know that Eric has some influence in this aspect as he has a strong sense of knowing what might happen and even have foreboding dreams about accidents and explosions.

As he partakes more and more in Dr. Auberges experiments he begins to hone his skills better but is still unaware how it works or if it really does. The rest of the story is about Eric’s relationship with his best friend Will and their gang and his budding romance with Renee. His dreams finally helps in saving his friends life’s too.

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I found the book to be interesting for sure. The characters are really mature and not too stereotypical. The storyline makes sense and the dialogues too are believable. It’s a good slice of life mixed with a bit of sci-fi thrown in. I don’t know what the author was aiming for but to me the book felt a bit dull as it was not what I was expecting. I expected more suspense or a more ‘serious’ subject but this is a typical YA slice of life story and perfect for the younger audience. It felt a bit underwhelming for me.

Release Date – April 23rd


Pros: Characterisation, storyline, pace

Cons: Subject matter and urgency

Bibliogyan verdict – A light YA read.

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About the Author


Tracy Richardson lives in Indianapolis and spends her free time reading – almost any genre, cooking, dancing and making things – usually from yarn or fabric.

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