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There Will Be Hell to Pay by Benjamin Gilad

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February is here and I am still in between quiet a few review copies. Hopefully I can have leisure reading sorted out by the end of next week. I received this copy from the author for a review and here’s my take on it.


The story starts with Jack Merriman and the time he was born. He is special and important but he was born with a heart condition that comes into play only later on. We learn that he is an ex-law enforcer, alone and that all his family members are no more but he was especially close to his sister Leah. Once Jack turns forty-five, he receives an employment opportunity with the MHB – Memory Hunting Bureau. Though unconvinced he accepts the offer to find the In-betweens – those who have died and whose memories are fading but can be kept alive for a while longer through other peoples memories.

The MHB, their existence and the conversations Jack has with them was really fun and reminded me of the movie The Adjustment Bureau. Similar to that movie, there is a lot of departments and agents ,including MHB, making sure the world is taken care of in their way by G.O.D and Satan. He gets a lot of assignment and is extremely good at finding people. In between he also meets Harmony – the potential love interest but is she something more? Once he learns about the In-Betweens he is determined to connect with Leah’s friends to make sure her memory lives on but is met with mysterious deaths. In the end we are revealed with a mildly predictable twist.

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I found the plot to be very linear with nothing to hold onto story wise. The writing is good and so are the dialogues for something that is definitely ‘out there’ but as a character Jack was very monotonous or lacked more layers. The conversations with the celestial beings was more fun than the character Jack itself. The character Harmony started out as normal but we are suddenly made to think she could be something more without any preamble. The Blurb doesn’t give a proper description of the plot nor does the book stick with any genre. But for all its flaws, the book is a one time read.


Pros: Storyline, Dialogues, Different Characters

Cons: Pace, Protagonist lacks layers.

Bibliogyan Verdict: For fans of American Gods and The Adjustment Bureau

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