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Kaffeinated Conversations

Hey Booklovers!

Kaffinated conversation with Bibliogyan

This is a weekly feature I have decided to start this year. It will include the books I read in the past week and my thoughts on current book trends and topics (including movies/series based on books) and the books I want to read. I also want to talk about what other book bloggers are sharing or their opinion on anything bookish. I just felt like as a book community it will be nice for everyone to gather around once in a while and share what they love so much – books!


So January is over! Can you believe it ? One month just whooshed by. I have remained pretty busy with review copies (Reviews of which will be published soon) for the last week of January and couldn’t ‘move’ to do anything else which is making me want to stop reading at all. I am wondering why I have accepted these review copies in the first place. Now that rant is over lets talk about something else.

I recently finished watching the series YOU. I haven’t read the book so I don’t know what they left out and how true it is to the source material. But the series in itself was pretty good. I love it when you don’t have to read a book when the adaptation is really good. When was the last time you decided to read a book because of its TV/Movie adaptation. I did it recently for Jurassic Park and I wasn’t disappointed. Both the book and the adaptation was really good.

Did you miss my last post? Check it out here  You

Around thirty-six books (or more?) are been adapted to movies/series this year and am looking forward to watching the second season of The Alienist probably titled after the second book by Carr – The Angel of Darkness. I have been wanting to read the former but thanks to an ever expanding TBR I have no idea when I will get down to actually doing it. Another adaptation I am looking forward to is Pet Sematary by Stephen King and Chapter 2 of IT.

One of the series I have been meaning to watch since last year is C.B Strike, based on the books by J.K Rowling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. I have been meaning to read them too. Perhaps I may read one in the coming months and finally get to watch it before the year ends. But its definitely good times for content. 

Ok. So what Book to movie/series adaptation are you looking forward to the most this year? Share and maybe I will find something new! Have a great February.

Cheers! XO


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