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You #Series #Netflix

Hey Booklovers!

Hola February. I hope you have a great bookish month and also I have quiet a few books on my list to finish this month. Anyhoo I finally finished watching YOU last month. Yes, I took a whole month to finish the series which is just 10 episodes.  But first the plot.


Joe Goldberg works as a sales manager at the Bookshop Mooneys in New York. We are introduced to Guinevere Beck right at the start, a literature student who is in a demeaning relationship at best along with manipulative friends to say the least. In the first two episodes we see Joe stalking Beck to figure out what where who she is associated with and her timeline. By sheer chance he gets her mobile through which he  keeps track of her every moment and social media. By episode three and four they are in a relationship except he has tough competition among her friends. Beck herself is aloof with the relationship, not sure if she really wants to be with him. By episode five and six things are really good and they are in the honeymoon period of their relationship but all things that go up must come down and so does their relationship. Every action Joe has taken to get closer to Beck – which by the way includes murder – comes to haunt him back. But the strongest one is his relationship with his ex – Candace. By the last two episodes everything comes out in the open and resolution is coming one way or another.

Ok. So first things first. Joe was no different from us. We have all been there where we stalk our exes/crushes and do stupid/desperate things to get their attention. But where we part ways is when he takes action to get closer to Beck. As a character I found Joe to be very normal though his ability to kill was very strange considering he was calm throughout –  a true sociopath?  I mean yeah he did panic while doing it but eventually he was more than happy to be rid of them – he had an excuse for everything –  he did all this for Beck.

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Now don’t even get me started on Beck. She was a horrible character. If Joe wasn’t a murderer I would vote for him over Beck any day (NOT AFTER WATCHING THIS CLIP REMOVING HIS VOICEOVER. UGH). She was a mess –  a classic attention seeking, whining and a completely lost character. Normally I would sympathise with her but in this I was against my wits with her. I cant for god see what Joe saw in her. Maybe he was a vigilante trying to save the ones wanting to be saved. Ha. And why was she never writing!

Of course there were subplots featuring Joe’s past with Mooneys owner, Beck’s past with her dad, her friendship with Peach and Joe’s neighbour Paco. Everything was weaved in perfectly. The storyline is definitely good and relevant for todays social media times. But as far as characters go I couldn’t care any less about them. I think I took such a long time to finish this series is mainly because it was exhausting to watch these characters make stupid decisions and honestly I wasn’t sure why I should care. I mean give me something. The only character I did end up caring for, thankfully, was Paco and how he came out of it all good in the end. Ofcourse we are met with a cliffhanger in the end but am not sure I wanna watch another season.

P.S: It was seriously weird to watch Dan (Pen Badgley) from Gossip Girl look like this malnourished almost skeleton like creep.

Bibliogyan Verdict – Enjoyable for the performances. Definitely something different to watch for Valentines Day 😀

IMDb Rating – 6

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