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Closer Than You Think by #DarrenO’Sullivan | Book Review

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It had been quiet some time since I requested a book for review on NetGalley and I was recently approved for this one. I was in a mood to read a quick thriller (which am always in) and when I read the blurb it captured my attention. A serial killer who after ten years is still pinning to catch his last victim before he stopped. But why now? After ten years?

ctyt ds cover

Coming to the plot, we are first introduced to the serial killer (aka the BlackOut Killer) who remembers his past as a child and how and why he started killing. Apparently his mom and dad were not in a happy marriage and he wasn’t happy that his mother tolerated his abusive father. He wanted her to escape from this hell but the weak she was she held on and in turn let her son suffer. But one day she took her own life and left him all on his own. Since then he has wanted to stop brute men and weak women who tolerate them.

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Meet Claire Moore, an ex kindergarten teacher, now living in London, and who survived the serial killers attempt to murder her. Its been ten years since the incident in Ireland and yet she is still haunted by it. She hardly steps out of her home, still needs her mother to stand outside the bathroom as she takes a shower and still feels every other person she meets is a killer. But on the tenth anniversary of her incident where she was almost killed and where her husband, Owen had died, her mother decided its finally time to confront the ghosts of the past and to make peace with it. The fact that she has someone new in her life – Paul, who was set-up by her mom through a dating site, makes her want to try. 

Slowly she revisits her hometown where the horrors had changed her life forever. Finally after ten long years Claire begins to feel hope for the future, except, the BlackOut killer is back or is it a copycat? Claire tries everything she has to fight back and not succumb to been a victim again. But the killer is closer than you think.

Ok. That was one hell of a summarisation of the book. I don’t know if it cuts it but that’s all I could say without giving anything else away. Admittedly, this is the first time I have actually sympathised with the villain, which is no small feat. Of course he is no saint but sometimes you do feel for this guy who could never come out from his past. The scene where he finds his dead mom did make my heart do a summersaultIn the beginning I was seriously annoyed with Claire that she was holed up inside for ten years. I mean WTH? But when she begins to slowly try to change I forgived her for everything else and then you do root for her. All the supporting characters make an impact especially her mom who stood by her in these ten years and finally helped her fight back.

The story midway does feel predictable but the ending will make your jaw drop. I hadn’t expected that and it was one hell of a twist. The author builds up the tension perfectly and what comes in the end will have you unprepared.

Thank you to Netgalley and HQ Digital for my review copy.

Release date – 15th March, 2019.


Pros: Characterisation, Storyline, gripping

Cons: Slow pace at first, anti-climatic

Bibliogyan Verdict – A slow burner but one that keep its end of the bargain



3 thoughts on “Closer Than You Think by #DarrenO’Sullivan | Book Review

  1. I’m reading this one right now( around 35%), a NetGalley ARC. And it is so slow that I don’t feel that motivated considering the other book I’m simultaneously reading is Evelyn Hugo. Yeah, that’s not fair. Which is why I thought I would look at your review and now I want to know the ending. 😀
    I hope. it is good enough for all this long way. Nothing much happened in the book so far. I mean, there is a lot of showing than telling.
    Great review and I get. what you’re saying with what I know about the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to be of help rejitha! It’s pretty slow yeah.. and evelyn hugo is like on steroids compared to this one but I think you will be surprised with the ending.. Don’t expect much. Just enjoy the ride 😁👍

      Liked by 1 person

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