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Dreams Inc by T.E Mark

Hey Booklovers

How’s January turning out for you. I have managed to read some fantastic books this month. Along the way I accepted quiet a few review copies making my plate more than full. I still have few more to read. So I recently finished reading this book and here’s my take on it.

The book comprises of five short stories. Each with a different almost futuristic concepts yet with a lot of personal touch. The following are the short stories:

  1. Bobby Bright
  2. Oil on Canvas
  3. Then she saw colours
  4. Dreams Inc.
  5. A moment into the silence fell

While Bobby Bright deals with a Martian Engineer and his beliefs dealing with earth, Oil on Canvas is futuristic story about a young man Terry Dawson who’s memories are extracted for war purposes. Then She Saw Colours deals with a dystopian society – Pinnacle, where everything is black and white and people who can see in colour are rare and seen as an anomaly and deals with the story of one such young girl, Pita and her parents.

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Dreams Inc deals with the story of Mark Lewis, an architect. In his world people don’t dream and receives it artificially for fifteen minutes. He is now faced with the choice between his two loves – Marcia and Nina. Who is real and who is the dream version? And finally, A moment into the silence fell deals with Trisha Cordon, a software engineer who has unleashed a beast in the form of an AI that leads to unprecedented consequences, but really is the brain of her dead sister Tess.

I found the stories to be really different. Nothing like I have read before. Short stories are not my forte as we don’t get to be with the characters long enough nor does it give a big picture. But here all the stories follow a pattern and provide a solid plot. What I really liked about it is that despite been otherworldly stories each of them came with a heart and more importantly we can invest ourselves in them. The characters are definitely sketched more than just a few adjectives. But some of the dialogues were lacking. It made some of the story seem almost childish. Especially the characters of the first two short stories sounded like ‘boys on new found hormones’.

The world the author has created is believable despite its futuristic concepts. Above all he has made characters who are real. My favourite was Then She Saw Colours.


Pros: Good storylines, characterisation was good enough and pace.

Cons: Dialogues and certain characters.

Bibliogyan Verdict: Short story enthusiasts definitely give it a try.

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