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Verity by #ColleenHoover | #Bookreview

Hey Booklovers!

So I had a surprise reading two days back. I wasn’t expecting to read it anytime soon but I was in a mood to read something different and I had my eyes on this book from the time Ludwig’s thriller had reviewed this.


Coming to the review. Lowan Ashleigh is a writer, but not exactly a successful one. Her day starts pretty badly witnessing an accident but is amazed by the help of a stranger, Jeremy Crawford.

He turns out to be the client of a publisher who is looking out for a new co-writer to finish his wife’s book series. His wife Verity Crawford is a best selling author who has had an accident and is almost paralyzed.

After accepting the offer Lowan stays with Jeremy to go through Verity’s notes regarding the last three books and to learn her characters and story.

Amidst all this Lowan finds a manuscript that is supposedly an autobiography of Verity except its about horrific details of her life till the accident. Page after page you are appalled at everything been revealed. Lowan is torn between her need to reveal the truth to Jeremy and her attraction towards him. Making matters worse are random inexplicable things that seems to shake Lowan and wanting to leave. So what does she do and what happens?

I admit I was highly curious in the beginning as the author seduces you into her world within the first page. I kept expecting shocking twist and turns none of which happens but what she does manage to capture is your attention. I finished it in one sitting in around six hours between breaks. The promise of something sinister going on and every revelation made in the ‘autobiography’ makes you glued to the pages.

But all the promises fizzles in the end when the plot twist is revealed and we are left to wonder what-the-hell. I found it almost as been cheated on. Ha. The author definitely does a good job of creating a story out of seemingly nothing but then all good authors do.


Pros: Fast pace, engaging storyline, characters and atmosphere

Cons: over-hyped plot

Bibliogyan verdict – An edge of your seat thriller but eventually fizzles out.

14 thoughts on “Verity by #ColleenHoover | #Bookreview

  1. I did really enjoy it, but I think it was overhyped. People were saying it was the darkest, most messed up book that they had ever read. I guess I must read some messed up stuff then, because I didn’t think Verity was more messed up than half of the thrillers I read in a given year.

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    1. Haha true. All over-hyped book I have read have been disappointing. My next review is the same. Have you read cabin at the end of the world? Oh boy. Every time I say to myself am not gonna read a book cause of the hype around it and I inevitably end up doing it πŸ˜• πŸ™ˆπŸ€·

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      1. Never read the cabin at the end of the world, but I know people talk about it all the time. I’m really reluctant to pick up hyped books tbh because I know my expectations will be set too high.

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  2. Beautiful review! I had so much fun reading what you thought about the book! πŸ˜‰ It’s amazing how one book can spark different reactions from every reader 😏
    Although, I’m sorry it didn’t live up to your expectations. I hope your next read is a promising one!

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