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Thieves Honor by #DavidCombs #Bookreview

Hey Booklovers

Accepting books for reviews from unknown authors is always a gamble. You never know if you will like the book and is burdened with the task of having to review it. But sometimes you truly enjoy the book and want to make efforts to showcase it as much as you are able.

One such book I had the good luck of landing was Thieves Honor. The plot is thus:

An ancient evil looms over the city of Tarnath. We are introduced to three main protagonists one by one in a very Guy Ritchie style. Galen Thale – a thief, Tyrell Amalcheal – a mage and Nestor Canaith – a warrior, they all cross path in the most unexpected place – in jail. But soon are released and led to a wealthy but mysterious man Kellen Ambrose.

He asks for their help in destroying the evil ‘dockside slayer’ (Darian) that has been creating havoc in the city for a while now. Begrudgingly they agree to help despite animosity between each other. The story then leads to the trio saving Kellen from the hands of Darian – who is a powerful vampire – nearly escaping death itself. They soon realise that they do work extremely well together and learn of a blade (Gilgorad’s Shadow Reaver) from an ancient Elvin lore that is so powerful it can destroy this creature.

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They set out to find this magical artifact in the Thelvenin wood in the ruins of Khasharsta. There they encounter an elf who leads them to a secret passage and have many magical encounters. They even find the blade and sets out to destroy the evil vampire when a twist is introduced. How do they go forward from this and what happens next forms the rest of the story.

The first few pages had lured me in and I was highly impressed by the author who could capture my interest so soon. As I kept reading I felt I was reading a book that is somewhere a cross between Lord of the Rings meets The Prince of Persia & Van Helsing with a villain in an all powerful vampire.

The characters leave a mark, the settings are impressive and the storyline too is well thought-out and well structured. I was also reminded of King Arthur and the famous stories around him. It also evokes a sense of nostalgia from the early fantasy movies like Conan the Barbarian etc…

Despite all the positives, I was a bit disappointed with the pacing – while it was well balanced with the character development, settings and adventures galore, it lacked a slow build up to everything. I liked that it was fast paced for a fantasy genre but somehow it made our investment in the story lesser than otherwise. But notwithstanding its only flaw, this is a book that should be up there in the big leagues.


Pros: Characters, Setting, Storyline and Language

Cons: Misses the grandeur

Bibliogyan Verdict: Fans of high fantasy would enjoy this. Give it a try.

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12 thoughts on “Thieves Honor by #DavidCombs #Bookreview

  1. Thank you so much for this fantastic review. I sincerely appreciate it, and hope you all enjoy the story!
    Dave Combs
    Author of Thieves’ Honor

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