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Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar by Kochery Shibu

Hey booklovers!

Last November I had received this book for reviewing by author Kochery Shibu. Unfortunately I couldn’t review it then but here it is now.


The story revolves around three characters Nanda, Khusru and Rekha. They come together because of one reason – a hydro power project in the Himalayas, more specifically the Dhauladar.

Nandu is a keralite, an engineer who comes with secrets of his own. Khusru is from Kashmir, displaced because of the ongoing terror attacks, working as a labourer. And Rekha is a doctor at the camp site of the hydro project.

The plot also includes various other (minor) characters with their own stories and dreams and what connects them all is the hydro power project.

When we are introduced to Nanda, we get a sense that he is always on guard. There’s something from his past that he still dreads and is afraid it follows him everywhere. Khusru too nurses hurts of his own involving his parents and faces a threatening future by being part of a terrorist group. Rekha is captured by one of the terrorists but ends up falling in love with him – who is none other than Khusru. The book features a lot of themes including love, terrorism and pain but its focus on dreams is the highlight of the book.

It makes you think about the dreams we all have, the dreams left behind in the race of life and how life makes us all realistic in the end. The book definitely offers something new and the author narrates the story pretty impressively.

Let me be honest. I found the book to be monotonous and boring. The characters are definitely interesting enough and so is their story but I didn’t find myself invested in their lives which is totally my problem. I realised I don’t like this genre and don’t have the patience to dwell on these characters. There were multiple characters in the book and subplots which could have been cut down including many scenic descriptions. The book felt long and overdrawn.


Pros: Language, Narrative and plot (well researched)

Cons: Monotonous, various subplots, Technical

Bibliogyan verdict – Definitely a good read for those interested in this genre but not everyone’s cup of tea

If you liked my review then please consider buying a copy from here


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